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Erich Bloodaxe BSN

Erich Bloodaxe BSN's Journal
Erich Bloodaxe BSN's Journal
August 13, 2015

"lifttheexportban.com" commercials showing up on TV from 'DEPA'.

DEPA (The Domestic Energy Producers Alliance) is releasing ads on tv to get the public to harass Congress to 'Lift the ban' on exporting domestic crude oil, proclaiming that it leaves us at the mercy of countries that hate us, that they control our energy (gas) prices.

They point out that

28% of US refining capacity is foreign-owned, and nearly all of it is configured for their heavy sour crude. America's light sweet crude oil has NO PLACE TO GO.

and note that refiners are making enormous profits at US expense. Their solution? Allow them to sell American crude oil elsewhere, so they can keep more of that profit for producers, and shift the rest to 100% foreign owned refiners.

A better solution? Government-owned and run refiners, so that if anyone is making that profit, it's 100% Americans, and helps reduce our deficits. American natural resource exploitation, if it's going to exist, should serve the American people, not merely the Shells and Exxons and BPs.
August 11, 2015

If anyone wants to actually help out protesters...

In the wake of the MillenialAU shutdown of I-70 shutdown action yesterday, police impounded a dozen cars and are asking $190 apiece to release them. They could use donations to help get them out.

Their PayPal: MillennialAU@gmail.com

August 8, 2015

"Changes to AP History make conservatives happy"


The first national salvo in the fight caught many off guard. Exactly one year ago next week, members of the Republican National Committee gathered for a regularly scheduled meeting, and took up a fairly obscure resolution: RNC activists voted to condemn Advanced Placement U.S. History classes for presenting a “consistently negative view of American history.”

Perhaps the vote shouldn’t have come as too big of a surprise – in far-right circles, the complaints about AP history courses have been loud and frequent. By one count, Republican officials in as many as six states “attempted to crudely politicize our past” by going after the curriculum. In Oklahoma, some lawmakers voted to ban the class altogether.


Now, after nearly a year of uproar, the College Board, the group that writes the AP exam, has made major changes to the framework – and it’s won conservatives over, in part by putting less emphasis on racism.

Passages that previously cited racial attitudes, stereotyping, and white superiority in early American history have been rewritten or deleted, and some passages that previously implicated early European colonists in racism and aiding in destructive Native American warfare have been softened and replaced with more passive language.

We're going backwards, whitewashing history even more than we already had, simply to make RWers happy. For those who still refuse to believe in white privilege, here's about the most blatant example you can get. Rewriting history to make white people happier about themselves, and not let their kids see just how vile the past was.

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