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Member since: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 09:07 PM
Number of posts: 8,569

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"It's not what I meant, it's what I said". - Red Don in the Rose Garden

What a dumbass.

Buttigieg's foreign policy address at IU today


When a young Joe Biden used his opponent's age against him


I only wish Mo was sitting behind John!

Wow! Tim Ryan was very impressive.

Pete: "Normalcy" got us where we are today.

Democrats can't turn back the clock to the 90's anymore than Republicans can turn back the clock to the 50's. In order to win we need to look forward, not to the past.

Bernie's Up!

Booker: We don't need a savior; we need each other.

He's giving a very good 5 minute speech. "What Democrats are For".

Watching on C-Span

The Axe Files with Bob Gates.

David had a great conversation with Gates. I liked the discussion about the OBL raid and the age question and the type of energy required as they relate to high profile positions like president and Sec. of Defense. Gates said that when he retired as Secretary of Defense at his comparatively young age he was worn out.

David asked about the Biden age factor but, typically, Gates offered no commentary on that. He wouldn't comment on Red Don as a leader either. He did make it clear that he didn't like donnie's attacks on McCain though. Regardless, he didn't do Joe any favors tonight.

Worth the watch.

New CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom Poll. Top tier is tightening.

Overall, 24% say they favor the former vice president, with 16% backing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 15% Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and 14% South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. California Sen. Kamala Harris rounds out the five over 5% with 7% support.

Biden has regularly been above 30% in national polling since announcing his candidacy in April, with his nearest competitor trailing by double-digits. But there hasn't been high-quality polling in Iowa since his entry to the race.

Beyond Biden's lower overall support, the poll also suggests some warning signs for him beneath those numbers. His supporters are less apt than others to say they are "extremely enthusiastic" about him (29% vs. 39% for backers of all other candidates, and 43% among those backing his nearest competition in Sanders, Warren or Buttigieg). He also remains the best-known candidate in the field, suggesting he has less room to grow than other candidates who Iowa's Democratic caucusgoers are still getting to know.


Mayor Pete is right in the mix!
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