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78-year-old thrown to ground, Tased by Westminster police while suffering medical condition, lawsuit

Clayton Shriver was on a shopping trip at Walmart when he started feeling ill and went to sit and wait for his partner inside the store’s fast-food chain restaurant, according to the lawsuit.
When Shriver entered McDonald’s, the lawsuit states that he mistakenly sat down at a seat that was designated as a non-seating area due to COVID-19.

The lawsuit states that Shriver suffers from many serious medical and emotional health conditions, including multiple closed head injuries and traumatic brain injuries, memory loss, organic mood disorder, hearing loss, and several other medical conditions.

At that time, a staff member told Shriver that he needed to purchase something or leave the store. Shriver was unable to hear what the staff was saying to him due to his medical condition, according to the lawsuit.

Shriver believed the staff could not understand him and he began to raise his voice, according to the lawsuit, and explained that he needed medical help.

The lawsuit states that Westminster police officer Michael Owen, who was already at Walmart for an unrelated reason, responded to McDonald’s due to a call by Walmart loss prevention.

The lawsuit says that when Owen arrived at McDonald’s, observed Shriver sitting in the “no sitting” area while speaking loudly. The lawsuit alleges that Owen was unable to hear what Shriver was saying.

Shriver then provided Owen with his name and said he was suffering from a medical condition, according to the lawsuit.
Shriver said he heard McDonald’s staff complaining to Owen about him, which is when he said he put his arms up and said, “Wait a minute, I’m in terrible pain.” The lawsuit states that Shriver then heard that he was being asked to leave, so he stood up and told Owen, “Okay, I’ll go to my car.”

Shriver then started to walk out of McDonald’s, according to the lawsuit, and that’s when Owen grabbed Shriver and threw him to the ground.

The lawsuit claims that Owen placed handcuffs on Shriver, who stiffened up in pain and tried to roll over. That’s when Owen allegedly grabbed his Taser and used it on Shriver.


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