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Denver business owner to implement 'crime spike fee' to recover shoplifting losses

Derek Friedman owns several Sportsfan and Sock 'Em Sock Emporium stores in the Denver metro area. He told 9NEWS his stores along the 16th Street Mall and his Sportsfan location on Federal Boulevard have seen an increase in crime. 
 "When you look at the shoplifting and the overall theft increase it’s six figures [in losses], which is staggering for a company our size, to have that much just walk out the door," he said. "So that’s why we implement this small fee to attempt to recover some of it." 
"I think what’s particularly troublesome is the situations where you have people that walk in, grab several things, are asked if they’re ready to check out, and they just walk right out and they have no fear of repercussions," Friedman said. 

Friedman said applicants willing to work at those locations have dwindled, and he isn't surprised. While he knows he won't recover all of the money his business has lost, he hopes crime rates decrease for the sake of his employees. 

"I think the thing that is toughest is when you get a call from a young lady that works for you and she’s sobbing because someone has just threatened with a plumbing wrench and walked out with a few pair of socks," he said.

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