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ghostsinthemachine's Journal
ghostsinthemachine's Journal
August 27, 2016

What have Republicans done To/For Black people?


Made cannabis a schedule1 narcotic. A designation that has not been overturned so far. (Here's hoping that is Obama's walk off)

Created the war on drugs, to target blacks: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/23/politics/john-ehrlichman-richard-nixon-drug-war-blacks-hippie/

Illegally traded arms for cocaine, while illegally supporting the Contras in the Nicaraguan war, Then turned that cocaine into a salable product (crack) to non wealthy people, then dumped that product on the inner cities.


Then created special penalties for that very product, thanks to George Bush Sr's plea to America about the crack epidemic (an epidemic that he created, personally) on TV:

These penalties, known as mandatory minimum sentencing targeted crack (and blacks) but not regular cocaine (which his son, the future dimwit of the country, and many other people, including myself) used by making much harsher penalties for crack.

Just to name a few.
August 26, 2016

Fentanyl, heroin, pressies? I'm not getting the story

Prince takes prescription drugs that had fentanyl and dies. People all over, same thing. Now fentanyl is found in Heroin, which is not in pill form.

The story here:
Why there were 88 heroin ODs in 1 city in 5 days
So questions are:
Why are drug dealers knowingly killing their customers? Doesn't seem to be the best of business practices.
Who presses it into pills that look! like other pills, when there are fentanyl pills available? And why?
Assuming that fentanyl is available only as a processed pill, why would anyone go to all the trouble to powderize it, blend it then re press it with a weaker drug?
Fentanyl is stronger, too strong, why would anyone cut a less potent drug with a more potent drug?

Something is not adding up here.

August 23, 2016

Deportation force, The Wall, as Democrats we should be loving T rump!

These are massive public works projects. Prevailing wages jobs. Millions of workers, infrastructure etc.
Big govt in action right here.

(And yes I am being sarcastic).

August 10, 2016

People are saying: "If he can't protect a building how is he going to protect

the country?"......

See how it works?

August 10, 2016

Equal time rules for elections? WTF?

I see T rump on the TV all the time. Last night on FOX for a half an hour. Aren't there equal time rules?

August 10, 2016

21 years ago Jerry Garcia passed

I wrote this on the 15 anny of Jerry Garcia's death:

The day Jerry died, I was working on changing the photos and frames of the GD to blues artists for some blues festivals coming up..(I sold photos then). Michele, my girl at the time, called me from work to tell me. I was floored. Something we all knew was coming, but something we were not prepared for, too... I got on the phone and made a ton of calls, Some of my friends knew but a good number did not....many people called me to share their condolences, some who were not deadheads or even friends, but they knew that this was a tragedy for me and they wanted to share. For that I thank them. I spent a good deal of time on the phone with Toni Brown, then Editor of Relix, talking aobut how and what we were going to do.

Michele could not hold it at work and came home and we all went over to my friend Eric's house to talk and reminisce. At the time the GD meant a lot to me, not only musically but also as an income source. They weren't my only income generation but still about 1/3 of my income came from Dead tour....

At Eric's, I thought why don't we do a retrospective of the Dead and Jerry and put up a display at the Memorial planned at the State Capitol in Sacramento later that night. So we stripped all of the blues artists out of the frames and replaced them with Jerry/Dead shots. Shots from 1965 and shots from the Vegas run a couple of months before and everything between....

I thought, man we need to get something to remember people's thoughts and stuff, so we went to Borders and found these incredible music notation books with Beethoven on the front. So we got them and after we set up the display we put them out with a couple of pens so people could express their thoughts on them.

We didn't sell anything (wouldn't be right), we just put up the display so people could connect. We had a hundred photos, all framed 11X14 and 16X20, and people loved it. We lit the display with candles and so many people wrote the most incredible stuff in the books. Page after page of people pouring out their feelings about Jerry....The next night there was a memorial in Tahoe, so we got more books and took the display up there (again not selling anything). More people came out and more people wrote the most incredible stuff in the books.

Now we had three of the books filled to the brim with some of the most incredible stuff about Jerry in the books, so we needed to get some more. But our local stores were out... We scoured all the Borders books in NORCAL till we found some in Emeryville. And we bought them out, ten in all, I think.

We then headed to Golden Gate Park for the big memorial there in the Polo Grounds...We set up the display in the middle of the polo field and set the books out. This time Dead crew, family etc all came by. All wrote in the books.... Again we did not sell anything, but eventually we made a lot of money by handing out cards to people who wanted to buy stuff on those days...

They had a New Orleans funeral parade and a friend, Jeff who I knew from 49er games, was at the display with me and I asked him if he could watch the display so we could march with the parade. He said sure and off we went to join the parade. that was the last time I ever saw Jeff too.....

At the end of the day I was reading the books and I could not believe the incredible stuff written in them. Some stupid stuff too, but people really poured their hearts out in them. Dead family members, crew and fans all contributed...

We switched business focus back to street fairs and blues festivals, but we decided to honor Jerry with his own special space in the back and kept the books out there. Let me tell ya, we sold a shit load of Jerry shots everywhere we went after that. More people wrote in the books. We went to LA for the OC Blues fest and Street Scene in San Diego and did very well with Jerry being the big seller...(As he remains to this day)

Then on labor day, we went to the Hog Farm PigNic up at Wavy's place in Mendo. Ratdog (Just Rob and Bob then), JJ Cale and Leftover Salmon were among the bands at that fest. We had prime vendor space and set up a huge display for that show. Also in attendance were Tim Leary, Ram Dass, Kesey, the Bus, the Pranksters etc...It was the first time anyone in the GD family had a chance to really mourn for Jerry in a way that was appropriate. And they did. By mid day it was obvious that everyone was tripping balls. Leftover Salmon told everyone they were tripping too hard to finish their set due to the giant electric balls on stage. Hilarious.

This guy came in the booth and asked if I had any JJ Cale. I told him that I wouldn't know JJ Cale if he came up and pissed on my shoes. the guy left and about 10 minutes later I looked up on stage and there that guy was, JJ Cale! (for the record, I still would not know him if I saw him)..

After RatDog's set the mainstage closed down for the night and my girl and the kids all went to sleep and I thought that i should write the last page of the books. By now we had 15 of them all filled with the most incredible stuff ever. But I had not written a word and thought I should get my thoughts in there. I was all tripping and schrooming and sitting in the booth with pictures of Miles, Jimi, Jerry, Dizzy, FZ, Pigpen etc...Heavy stuff. I was bawling like a baby, writing in the books and all alone when Wavy came in the booth...

He said "Photo guy come with me" and took me backstage. there were huge dayglo banners all over. A trippers paradise. Eventually we ended up at the center of the compound. One that was surrounded by 20 huge teepees. and in the middle was a campfire. Around the fire was Leary, Kesey, Wavy, Bobby, and many GD family members and Leftover Salmon... We sang songs and laughed and told stories about Jerry and our experiences etc.

I thought to myself though I can't do this without Michele, she will be pissed off to no end if I tell her I was there without her, so I left to go back to the booth..I also knew I needed to grab a couple of the books so these guys could share their thoughts in them...So I woke her up told her to come with me and she (of course!!) was pissed to hell that I even went there without her in the first place (It was that moment that decided for me that our relationship was over) .

I wasn't even sure if I could get back there, but I knew I had to try to get her and the books. We got back there, no problem, and showed those guys the books and asked them to write something in them and then give them back after the show was over the next day. They all wrote the most incredible stuff in them too, but most did not sign their names, all except Wavy and Kesey that is.They both wrote poems and signed them...

For the next couple of months I tried to get the books published. Had a couple of offers, one for a good amount of money.

In january, me and Michele broke up for good and she stole the biz and the books from me and tried to sell them herself... Of course she couldn't and couldn't run the biz either so she screwed the photogs out of money and kept the books. Now they are worth nothing (gotta strike while the iron is hot you know).

But for me, they are priceless. I would love to get them back and donate them to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or to the band or something. Seems a shame they are collecting dust somewhere...

And that is what I was doing 21 years ago...
August 9, 2016

Trump National GC employee fired after she complained about sexual harassment

Trump National Golf Course Worker Fired After She Complained About Sexual Harassment: Lawsuit
“I followed the rules by reporting it and instead of providing any help, they have retaliated and attacked me.”
Remember when Donald Trump said that women who are getting sexually harassed at work should respond by looking for work at new companies?

Well, that’s allegedly an official corporate policy at the Trump National Golf Course in Jupiter, Florida.

The Daily Mail has obtained court documents relating to a female former employee at Trump National Golf Course who alleges that she was fired from her job after complaining about being sexually harassed by a former colleague.

According to the lawsuit documents, ex-employee Erin Breen claims that she endured months of sexual harassment from a former co-worker named Joe DiPasquantonio, who at the time served as a food and beverage manager at the golf course.

More http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/trump-golf-course-worker-sexually-harassed-fired

August 3, 2016

Purple heart giver= Joe the plumber?

Just saw this guy on Fox. Immediately I thought of JTP. Time to dig up why he did this. I am sure he got paid,is connected to T rump in some waThe timing, right after the recent controversy, is certainly suspect. The guy really was dumb too and only gave talking points when questioned.

I am sure that if we peel the onion we will see this was a managed event.

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