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42,000 Sign Petition to Allow Republicans to Bring Guns to G.O.P. Convention

"With the potential for a convoluted, multi-round fight to determine its presidential nominee (and the threat of riots if Donald Trump loses), this summer’s Republican National Convention is shaping up to be a historic, if not historically messy, spectacle. As if to make matters worse for a party that is already trying to fend off Trump’s takeover bid, the G.O.P must now contend with a new petition that calls for attendees, already in a high-pressure environment, to be allowed to “recognize our constitutional right to open carry firearms at the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in July 2016.”"


As if the GOP base isn't shrinking rapidly enough, now they want to wipe each other out?

The Donnie and Teddie Show

I saw the funniest show on CNN last night. It was about these two grownups doing impressions of little kids:

Teddie (to Donnie): Your wife is a slut!
Donnie: Oh yeah? Well... Your wife has cooties!
Teddie: Oh yeah? Well.. you're a sniveling coward! And a poopie-head!
Donnie: Well, you're a super-duper poopie head!

And then it was weird because they cut to Hillary talking about policies to defeat ISIS or something.

My biggest fear of the GOP is that they will make me lose control of my bladder from laughing so hard.

Not looking good for GOP members of Congress/Senate

Obama's approval/disapproval is pretty much equal, or slightly positive. Congress, on the other hand, is in the toilet.

Assuming voters know which party currently controls the White House, and which controls Congress (yeah, a risky assumption), they are likely preparing to punish Congress (specifically the party which controls it).

President Obama Job Approval FOX News Approve 48, Disapprove 46 Approve +2
President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 51, Disapprove 46 Approve +5
President Obama Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 50, Disapprove 50 Tie
Congressional Job Approval FOX News Approve 14, Disapprove 77 Disapprove +63

Millionaires: Raise our taxes to address poverty, fix roads

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — More than 40 millionaires, including members of the Rockefeller and Disney families, are asking to have their taxes raised to help address poverty and rebuild failing infrastructure.

The millionaires wrote a letter to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top New York lawmakers proposing new, higher tax rates for the top 1 percent of earners in the state. The letter, a copy of which was given to The Associated Press, says additional revenue is needed to address child poverty, homelessness and aging bridges, tunnels, water pipes and roads.

"As New Yorkers who have contributed to and benefited from the economic vibrancy of our state, we have both the ability and the responsibility to pay our fair share," the letter states. "We can well afford to pay our current taxes, and we can afford to pay even more."

Those signing the letter include Abigail Disney, Leo Hindery and Steven C. Rockefeller. The tax plan, known as the one-percent tax plan, was worked out in conjunction with the Fiscal Policy Institute, a left-leaning economic think tank.


I heard one of these guys interviewed last night - a very fiery guy!

Donald Dump

A few ideas to inspire campaign ads...

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