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The back story on "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" ?

This is a bit of history/fable/rumor with the music. The link below to her grave and headstone with a little folklore of how Dickey Betts’ famous instrumental originated.


Apparently there’s another backstory how this particular grave was chosen for the name of the song, or I should say, is rumored, was that Betts “entertained” Boz Scaggs wife here the night he composed it. I have no idea of the validity of that claim - I picked that part up from comments on YouTube - but there has to be some reason that particular headstone was picked, and I guess that is as good as any.

This great piece of music also happens to be my number 1 song of all time. I’ve replayed this more than any other song, from the moment this album first came out, throughout my life and have never tired of it.

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