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Impact of Climate Change on Iowa and every other state

This is a comprehensive article on the impact of climate change in Iowa but it is often worse for other states. It also mentions that farmland destroying urban sprawl causes the results of the storm to be that much worse.

The article really pulls it all together.

"Iowa is 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit warmer since 1988, according to an Associated Press analysis of weather data. Northwest Iowa has seen the greatest increase in temperature at 1.67 degrees, and the southeast has seen the smallest at 0.8 degrees, the data show."

"Farming, historically important in Iowa and making up about a quarter of the state economy, could be among the industries hardest hit. Imagine corn trying to pollinate in a 108-degree oven...It's a no-brainer. Pollination canít occur at those temperatures...and if you raise the temperature in those hog buildings by 13 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of summer, no amount of additional air movement by fans is going to cool them. They'll have to look at adding air-conditioning," Takle said.


Anyone watching right-wing Candace Owens on Ari Melber right now?

She is one of those fast talkers who makes up shit at 90 MPH and hardly takes a break and overtalks.
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