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Member since: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 03:46 PM
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Media always finds repug voters to chat with even in deep blue cities

On MSNBC's Steph Ruhl a couple of minutes ago...reporter at a coffee shop, in the heart of deep blue Des Moines, managed to interview two voters - an independent who likes Schultz and a anti-choice Republican who likes Trump. Reporters are rarely interested in talking with Dems but they sure can find non-Dems in every coffee shop and small town diner.

Of course, they never talk to Dems in red areas.

Good thing the Dems are organizing and not sitting around coffee shops.

Watch Des Moines superintendent, wife sing snow day announcement with 'All in the Family' parody


Max Rose (D-NY) on Andrea Mitchell just now

Won't vote for Pelosi (and implying it is because he is anti-corruption), says there are good leaders on both sides of the aisle, says he won't back down from any of his campiagn promises because he keeps his word.

New Yorkers - Is he always so hyper and negative toward Dem leadership?
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