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You're correct about that.

The joke is that some people don't understand that.
You're correct about that. So in frustration and desperation, they attack the messenger while ignoring the facts that do not comport with the narrative to which many are emotionally attached and invested.

Fact of the matter is, BS will not be our party's nominee. The AA/POC voters are not with him (as we've seen so clearly) and without that support, he may as well go home. There can be no denying that AA/POC voters will be very important in choosing our party's nominee.

I mean... just consider this: BS can't even get AA/POC voters to attend a BS rally held at a BLACK church in a MAJORITY BLACK city.

Of course, I'm referring to his rally in North Charleston, SC not long ago. It had so LITTLE ethnic diversity that it looked like he could have been somewhere Vermont. In fact, based on the statistics, the demographics at that rally was even whiter than Vermont.

It's obvious that the AA and POC community are rejecting BS and the BS campaign. BS just doesn't connect with that community. The BS message just isn't resonating.

All I'm saying is, with such a humiliating rejection by the AA and POC communities, and without their vote, BS doesn't stand a chance. Everyone knows it.

These fundraising numbers are not the same as actual votes (which he cannot muster) and without them, he won't be our party's nominee. That's all I'm saying.
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