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Sanders needs to hustle if he expects to be our party's nominee.

I have to say though... mistakes like endorsing the bestiality promoter/defender isn't the best way to gain supporters. In fact, I think that things like that will end up hurting him in the long run.

All I'm saying is, if BS expects to "recover" for the Cenk-defending-horse-sex-abuse controversy, then Bernie needs to CONDEMN him for the disgusting and sickening and perverted things that were said.

This is a leadership test. Will Bernie pass it? I hope so. Time will tell.

Little Lindsey is at it again... his delicate "Southern Gentleman" mannerisms are so phony!

When he gets angry, I can only see him as a ten year old boy having a hissy fit... all dressed up in his go-to-church outfit... matching jacket and shorts... his patent leather tap shoes... angrily stomping down the terrazzo floor hallways of the Capitol... trying to hide the tears welling up in his pretty little eyes... shaking his fists and trying to convince everyone that he's a big boy now, and that he doesn't take orders from Putin.

Well, he's complete mess. If I were his mother and he were my little boy, I'd bend him over my knee and spank his bare bottom... I'd send him to bed without dinner... and I'd take away all his stuffed toys and his security blanket.

He needs to grow up and be a man... but in my eyes, he'll always be a spoiled little boy.

I see no evidence of that.

Remember that one time when he had a rally in North Charleston, SC? BS can't even get AA and POC to attend a rally at an historically BLACK church in a MAJORITY BLACK neighborhood, within a MAJORITY BLACK city.

His rally (although well-attended) had so LITTLE ethnic diversity that it looked like he could have been somewhere Vermont. In fact, based on the statistics, the demographics at that rally was even whiter than Vermont.

It's obvious that the AA and POC community are rejecting BS and the BS campaign. They did then, and they still do NOW. He can't make headway. He hasn't been able to refine and tune his message.

BS just doesn't connect with that community. The BS message just isn't resonating. When the AA voters don't even BOTHER to show up to a rally that's RIGHT THERE in their city, their neighborhood, their church facility... well that is a SERIOUS SNUB and COMPLETE REJECTION.

All I'm saying is, with such a humiliating rejection by the AA and POC communities, and without their vote, BS doesn't stand a chance.

I think that many fail to understand that there's an important difference...

I think that many fail to understand that there's an important difference between legislative accomplishments and failed or unrealized attempts.

It's quite fair to ask for examples of actual leadership, or dealmaking/negotiating/compromising, or anything at all that would show evidence of success in shepherding any bills through.

Tweeting is not leadership. She's really accomplished nothing that would make me want to give her any sort of serious consideration for being elected Speaker. She has a lot to learn and needs to mature and grow. She's not there yet.

All I'm trying to say is that the Speaker is a position for someone who's earned his/her stripes, who has the battle scars to prove it, who has demonstrable successes, who knows how to unite, who understands the risks of pride and vanity, who is humble and modest, who takes no joy in acting coy and provocative or divisive, who has the knowledge and maturity and wisdom and experience and temperament that the job requires.

Nancy Pelosi deserves our eternal gratitude. Thank you Speaker Pelosi!

She also deserves an apology from those who insulted her with ageist vulgarities, and who were "too big for their own panties" in their hot-headed, impatient and grandstanding attacks on her.

Nancy Pelosi is a national treasure. We are very fortunate to have her.

I remember that one time when his co-panelist on the Bill Maher Show...

I remember that one time when his co-panelist on the Bill Maher Show got completely fed up with having her personal space invaded with rude gesticulations and she "fought back". I'm sure there's a better choice of words to describe it... it wasn't an actual "fight"... but in her own passive aggressive way she gently pushed back and away... to protect her own eyesight and as a way to unmistakably indicate "this is NOT okay" and "you're being rude to me" and "you need to stop".

I can't even remember who the panelist was, but I'll never forget how she stood up for herself in that moment... she had had all she was willing to take.
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