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Nina Turner's loyalty to Jill Fucking Stein AND refusing to support Biden (over Trump)* and ...

Nina Turner's loyalty to Jill Fucking Stein AND refusing to support Biden (over Trump)* and comparing Biden to a "bowl of shit" really do disqualify her in the minds of many voters.

*Keep in mind that her refusal to support Biden was AFTER the primary and AFTER Biden was clearly our party's nominee. She was just an angry and bitter woman whose preferred candidate didn't win and she couldn't be mature, she couldn't accept reality, and she couldn't do the right thing for our party and our country. That's the type of immature behavior that we DO NOT need in our elected representatives.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's CLEAR to me that Shontel Brown is the candidate who will best serve NE Ohio. There's not a doubt in my mind.

At least Brown didn't vote for Jill Fucking Stein instead of Hillary. Brown also...

At least Brown didn't vote for Jill Fucking Stein instead of Hillary. Brown also didn't refuse to support Biden over Trump. Brown also didn't compare Joe Biden to a "bowl of shit" and she's not continually attacking the Biden/Harris administration.

Brown is a LOYAL DEMOCRAT. She's the kind of candidate who will always get my support. I just can't abide by lying hypocrites who are only running "as" a Democrat because it's expedient OR because the political party they actually identify with couldn't get on the ballot. Those types of opportunistic candidates do nothing to advance or strengthen the Democratic party and typically they'll "revert" back to whatever party they were PRIOR to running "as a" Democrat.

All I'm trying to say here is that Shontel Brown is good for Ohio and good for the House (and the nation!) She'll vote to get things done... she won't threaten to "tank" important legislation.

Why? It's not the "Bernie-Lite" administration. Bernie isn't Joe Biden's advisor...

... he's not a cabinet member. What good purpose would be served? Of all the members in the Democratic Caucus, Bernie Sanders ranks dead last in voting to support Biden's agenda. What could he possibly bring to the table that Joe Biden would be interested in?

But there's no reason why Bernie and Joe can'tsit down together to talk things over.
All I'm trying to say is that it would be a waste of time. Nothing worthwhile would come of it... other than a photo-op and a press conference (or memo/announcement) that would be used to bash Democrats or Biden.

Haven't we all had enough of our party being referred to as "coastal elites" or "ideologically bankrupt" (etc etc... no need to repeat all the slurs here, but there are a LOT of them, I assure you.) Those things are divisive, so why create a stage for anyone to spread that type of divisive rhetoric. It only leads to division and distrust... and that weakens our party. Anything that weakens Democrats only serves to benefit the GOP, Russia, and Trump.

I know, right?!

That's a word that's misused (abused?) as often as I hear people like Nina refer to "the base" ... obviously having NO CLUE what (or who) the actual BASE of the Democratic party actually means.

The "base" doesn't mean (collectively) those who hold the furthest fringe extreme views. It's those who are LOYAL to the party, those who SUPPORT the party, those who VOLUNTEER for the party, those who DONATE to the party, those who GOTV for the party's nominees and incumbents, and those who ALWAYS VOTE for the party's candidates.

The base doesn't support Jill Fucking Stein. The base doesn't vote for Stein (over Hillary). The base doesn't compare Joe Biden to a "bowl of shit". The base doesn't refuse to vote for Biden (over Trump). The base doesn't withhold their vote because of petty squabbles or disappointment that someone wasn't nominated.

I'm not going to let people like Nina Turner hijack a word that is specific to loyal Democrats.

A "Dem Star" does not pal-around with Jill Fucking Stein or compare Biden to a BOWL OF SHIT!!

Nina Turner is not a "Dem star."
You are correct!

A Dem-Star is someone who's loyal to the party, not someone who betrays our party by supporting and voting for Jill Fucking Stein instead of Hillary.

A Dem-Star is someone who is smart enough to support Biden over Trump (but she refused) and instead compared Biden to a "BOWL OF SHIT".

A Dem-Star is NOT someone who only runs "as" a Democrat when their disorganized "People's Party" can't get on the ballot in Ohio.

Here's Nina at some bullshit "People's Party Convention" (or something) singing the praises of Jill Stein and getting all huggy with her.

The entire youtube link is below. Jill makes her appearance near the 22-minute mark (This link will take you to the Youtube video and automatically advance to the point where she's all huggy/kissy with Jill Fucking Stein.

It's clear that Nina Turner is NOT a friend of the Democratic party. She's bitter about the Democrats choice, and in a fit of revenge-motivate anti-party retribution, she's doing her best to sabotage Hillary so that Trump will get the presidency.

She's only running "as" a Democrat this time because there wasn't enough time to get "The People's Party" on the ballot in Ohio. This time, she's using the party that she hates only as a means-to-an-end. She's grudgingly running as a Democrat.

No thank you very much. I prefer candidates who are LOYAL DEMOCRATS and who do their level best to unite and uplift the party (not divide and weaken). That serves no good purpose, does it?

When she compared Joe Biden to a "BOWL OF SHIT" she disqualified herself forever.

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