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Actually, Pelosi and Schumer would have been better examples...

unless they take up the difficult work of governing,
Actually, Pelosi and Schumer would have been better examples. They are the ones who are taking the lead and getting things done and shouldn't be marginalized as though they don't exist, or as though they're ineffective. Fact of the matter is that they do exist, they are effective, they have many more legislative achievements under their belts and many more feathers in their caps. How about some credit where credit is due?

Land! Brace yourselves for another hissy fit. He's going to clinch his fists and...

... stomp his way up the marble stairs in his brand new, high-gloss, patent leather shoes. Click click click! Lordy mercy! It does appear to me that the delicately mannered Southern Gentleman from South Carolina is so angry that he has worked up a sweat. See how his forehead glistens. Before you know it, he'll storm off to his room, slam the door behind him. Next, he'll hop up on his sister's canopy bed and start pulling the heads off of all her dollies. He gets mean and destructive when he's mad.

I got mad. I mean, these police officers had every right to use deadly force.

Good grief! Listen to him trying to talk tough! What a joke! He's just a spoiled little boy trying to convince everyone he's a macho man... but inside, he's a temperamental child... a privileged brat... living a very sheltered overly-protected life. He answers to nobody and thinks he can get away with anything.

Perhaps that's true... he answers to nobody and gets away with a lot... for now. But surely that can't last forever. It's only a matter of time before his luck runs out. Tick-tock, Mr. "G". Tick. Tock.

I don't care what she "thinks" ... but I care that she's telling LIES about Democrats.

Her big-lies stick and harm our party, our Democratic leaders, and our efforts to make progress. She's toxic and divisive. The things she says weaken support for Democrats and the Democratic agenda. She creates distrust and resentment.

We have a sacred obligation to respond to call-out her lies. She's a stupid woman. She need to be silenced.

Put a god damned muzzle on her!

Sadly, if nobody responds to her big-lies they grow and become accepted as the truth. We MUST...

... respond and refute. She's a very stupid woman. She's a vain and egotistical woman... she's very dangerous.

For the past four years, we barely heard a word from her. For four years she could have been challenging Trump and the GOP (hell, she could be doing that NOW) but instead, she chooses to LIE about Democrats and our Democratic leadership.


What good purpose does it serve? She needs to be silenced. She's not helping, she's hurting. Put a muzzle on her.

He is who he is. Learn to live with it. Be happy he's a Democrat (I am!)

Enough of the hate and hand-wringing. Without him, there would be a Republican in his seat, the split would be 49-51 ... a two-vote deficit.

Well well well...

... if it isn't the delicate Southern Gentleman from South Carolina, world famous political showboater, making a fuss about political showboating. That's rich.

Land! I do believe he's about to have another hissy fit! He'll stop his feet until he gets his way! Someone pour him another mint julep, give him a paper fan, and sit him down in a white wooden rocker on the breezy side of the front porch! The aroma of magnolias and gardenias, and the sight of the Spanish moss waving in the gentle breeze might be soothing for him. He certainly does get worked up and emotional over the most inconsequential things. You can tell he's getting all flustered and bothered because his forehead is starting to glisten with little beads of perspiration.

For what reason are they doing this?

What's the goal? What do they want to accomplish?

Is this a real photo? Or is it one of the "prototype" photoshop jobs that, in the past, have been falsely claimed as being a "real" billboard (ie: the billboard claiming to be in the Atlanta area, but which was clearly a photoshop).



After seeing one obvious "fake" from this group, I now wonder if I can trust that any billboard of theirs is genuine (mobile or otherwise).

Obviously not.

Or she's just chasing headlines.

Lot's of weak, impotent and failed politicians do that. Sometimes it's disgusting... mostly it's laughable. They invite the scorn and ridicule that's deservedly heaped upon them.

Here's the thing that I was thinking about: The "virtual convention" set a new standard...

... and I believe that future conventions should continue to be virtual. (Or, post-covid, maybe just one FINAL day at a convention center with a big balloon drop.)

And even though there may be post-covid crowds and spectators at future inaugurations... I really like the egalitarian aspect of having a coast-to-coast televised "parade" and a special concert and speakers to end the day.


The Democrats and the Democratic Party have reached NEW HEIGHTS and set a NEW STANDARD for both events!!

Here's the Melania Robot on Tracey Ullman's show...


BONUS VIDEO: Melanie's accent fools auto-closed-captioning. It reads like an episode of "BAD LIP READING".

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