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"I Am A Socialist" ... the animated gif! (Endless loop!)

Again... HIS words, not mine.

Here's the YouTube original link: click here to watch the original video

And on a non-stop loop in every GOP ad!


"..I'm a Socialist..."

Skip ahead to about the 00:22 second mark!

Or click here: http://tinyurl.com/yypkwh55

Great news! I'm very pleased to hear this, but...

Great news! I'm very pleased to hear this, but... I'm not at all surprised. I think that most voters are starting to figure out BS and the BS campaign. They're rejecting his message and his lack of any real-world plans on how to accomplish all the grand promises being made. It's one thing to make promises, but it's quite another to demonstrate to educated, realistic, and discerning voters exactly HOW it is that all the promises are going to be kept.

Also, I think the almost nonstop smears and denigration of the Democratic party (and Democratic leadership) may have made BS a less desirable choice. At this critical time, party loyalty is very important to me and many others apparently too. It simply makes no sense for anyone on "our side" to be call the Democratic party "corrupt" or "feeble" or "the party of the elite" or saying there's "no difference" between the Democrats and the GOP. In all cases, nothing could be further from the truth.

The thing is... that kind of talk promotes negativity. Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages support and voting for Democratic candidates... and that just makes it easier for the GOP and Trump and Russia to steal elections.

I don't know the answer to that. Indeed, why *would* anyone want that?

They work for a candidate who they support and the candidate should certainly reciprocate and make sure they are treated fairly.
You'd THINK so, wouldn't you?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but why would anyone want to work where there is an adversarial relationship between the candidate and supporters on a campaign?
I don't know the answer to that. Indeed, why would anyone want that?

One thing that I do know however, is that broadly speaking, unions are designed to PROTECT workers from abusive behavior, or from harassment, or from other unfair and unethical practices. The fact that the workers felt the NEED for (and wanted to join) a union reveals much about the campain and/or the actual working conditions within the organization.

BS can't even get AA and POC to attend a rally at a BLACK church in a MAJORITY BLACK city.

His rally in North Charleston, SC had so LITTLE ethnic diversity that it looked like he could have been somewhere Vermont. In fact, based on the statistics, the demographics at that rally was even whiter than Vermont.

It's obvious that the AA and POC community are rejecting BS and the BS campaign. BS just doesn't connect with that community. The BS message just isn't resonating.

All I'm saying is, with such a humiliating rejection by the AA and POC communities, and without their vote, BS doesn't stand a chance.

His only weak spot is among younger voters ages 18-34. They prefer Sanders, whose progressive stances on health care and economic reform appeal to millennials.
Too bad for BS that this particular age group is VERY unreliable on election day.

I have similar feelings about anyone who calls the party "corrupt" and suggests...

I have similar feelings about anyone who calls the party "corrupt" and suggests that there's "no difference" between the GOP and Democrats.

It's that kind of negativity that generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections.
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