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NurseJackie's Journal
NurseJackie's Journal
December 22, 2021

You'll have a difficult time finding many people here who disagree with that.

I think we can open some Army-style field-hospitals with heat/ac and cots... maybe some porta-johns and running water for sanitation. Some meds for pain and anxiety... but no oxygen, no respirators... if they pull-through then good for them. If they don't, then it was god's will.

Around back on the other side of the field, a large mass-grave will be dug. Fill in layers, cover daily... prepare for more unvaxxed, until there are no more unvaxxed.

More unvaxxed = less unvaxxed.

It's a death cult. Give them what they want.

December 22, 2021

Not in quote marks! 🤣😂🤣😂🤪😜

Thank you!

December 21, 2021

Excellent post. (Quoting this in full, so that I can add it to my DU-Journal.)

Who exactly is Nina Turner, and what are the electoral accomplishments that make her so....
....important that she can dictate to the President of the United States?

Let's look at her electoral history:

Ran for Cleveland City Council in 2001, lost
Ran for Cleveland City Council in 2004 for a vacated seat, won
Appointed to State Senate in 2008
"Re-elected" (ran unopposed) in 2010
Announced her candidacy against Marcia Fudge in 2012, dropped out
Ran for Ohio Secretary of State, lost
Ran for OH-11, lost the primary to Shontel Brown

She hasn't defeated a single opponent in a primary or election since 2004.

Along the way she supported Sanders in the 2016 primary, he lost
She supported Jill Stein in the General Election, she lost
She was co-chair of Sanders' campaign in the 2020 primary, he lost
After the nomination, she refused to support Joe Biden in the General Election, he won

And as noted, she called Joe Biden a "half bowl of shit" during the General Election campaign, and when asked a few weeks later about it she doubled down by calling him just a "bowl of shit" (no longer half) - that's "playing nice"? And what exactly are these "gloves" she's taking off.

In addition, in late 2020 she co-founded and was her intention to run in the OH-11 primary as a candidate of the "People's Party". But she didn't properly register it in Ohio so she couldn't. As they put it when she announced her candidacy, inasmuch as the People's Party wasn't properly registered in Ohio, she "had" to run as a Democrat, presumably reluctantly.

Soon after she lost the August primary she founded a lobbying firm, "Amare Public Affairs", with the financial backing of right wing Mercury Public Affairs, one of whose clients was a foreign nonprofit connected to Paul Manafort.

A month after announcing her new lobbying firm, her financial benefactor, Mercury, became mired in scandal.

So again, who is she to tell the DEMOCRATIC President of the United States what to do?

Finally, what is this so-called "movement" of which she always speaks? From all appearances her anti-Democratic Party "movement" is standing still.
December 19, 2021

Too bad this is Cenk Uygur's channel. It sounds like an amusing story.

... but I'll be damned if I give that Republican-funded Democrat-hating misogynist any "clicks" or views for his monetized channel. Still waiting for his apology for the dreadful things he said about Joe Biden (obviously reading from Trump's playbook and repeating the lies.)

December 18, 2021

Everything is urgent. But his harshest critics need to be realistic and remember that there are ...

Everything is urgent. But his harshest critics need to be realistic and remember that there are limited dollars to spend, and only so many days in a year. I do not think it serves any good purpose for those people to shit all over Biden because of that simple reality. I've said it before... he's not a magical wizard who can just wave a wand and make everything better... instantly! There should be DANCING IN THE STREETS at how much progress is being made, rather than continual grumbling.

I'm sure there are people who are SO UPSET that they're back to their "all or nothing" philosophy and making clear their intentions to "punish Democrats" for not delivering quickly enough. Disgruntled groups like that lack the power to accomplish anything positive or meaningful (on their own) but... on their own they do have the power to kneecap Democrats (thus "punishing" us) and returning the GOP into power (thus achieving the "nothing" portion of their philosophy).

I hope that doesn't happen... but as we've seen with Sarandon, Moore, West and others such as Nina Turner (also a Jill Stein supporter) because of their contempt for Democrats and impatience (and egos and vanity and desire for revenge or pay-back) they'll certainly waste no time in sabotaging future elections.

All I'm trying to say is that type of negativity and impatience never helps. People should instead be eager to BUILD on the progress that we've made. If things need to be accelerated, then don't RUIN what we've done... work instead to improve the schedule for the coming years.


December 17, 2021

Hmm. What a pity.

Only about 60 percent of Republican adults have done so. This vaccination gap has created a huge gap in death rates, one that has grown sharply during the second half of the year.
Hmm. What a pity. And by "pity" what I really mean is too fucking bad. The only shame in all of this is that they're needlessly wasting bed-space in hospitals, they're needlessly using time, money, resources that ought to be used on others.

I'm all in favor of letting the National Guard (or FEMA) set up a "field hospital" with cots so that these people will have a place to die. (Mother Teresa was won a Nobel Prize in 1979 and was canonized in 2016 for doing damn near the same thing... so let's follow her lead!)

This is a death-cult... it's what they want. They've committed to it. So when Death comes a-knocking... there's no take-backs. A heated or air-conditioned field hospital tent would give them a place out of the weather to draw their last breaths... or drown in their own fluids.

I think we can spare the morphine... but there's an oxygen shortage, so too bad. I know this will make their loved-ones sad... but as they've so often said: "FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!" So I'm sure they can understand where we're coming from.

I'm sure there are enough county fairground fields (or other open spaces) that can accommodate the tents and porta-potties.

I should have invested in the body-bag industry. Or the funeral home industry. Or any company that provides funeral services: vault-makers, casket makers, urn makers, embalming chemical makers, pancake makeup makers, furnace makers, etc.
December 17, 2021

The all-or-nothing philosophy is one that continues to do more harm than good.

Those who abide by that way of thinking more frequently end up with the "nothing" end of the equation (and for some bizarre reason, appear to be quite satisfied about it.) In the end, the effect is to sabotage, cripple or kneecap the Biden agenda. They have no real power to accomplish anything meaningful, so instead they end up being a disruptive force.

All I'm trying to say is that we remain in an ALL HANDS ON DECK moment... now is not the time to rehash petty grievances or to demand "perfect" legislation at the expense of losing it all. The time for grandstanding and nit-picking Joe Biden (and his administration) is OVER! Progress (no matter how small) is still progress. It may not be "perfect" but any movement at all is closer to "perfect" than we are now. One step at a time. Building and growing along the way.

We'll get there... BUT... in order to do so, we and our elected representatives MUST come together and support EVERY bit of legislation, EVERY initiative, EVERY policy, EVERY executive order; EVERY appointment... WITHOUT FAIL!!

December 16, 2021

And if lunatic fringe like Susan Sarandon had supported the DEMOCRAT instead of...

And if lunatic fringe like Susan Sarandon and other like-minded idiots had supported the DEMOCRAT instead of third-party Nader and Stein (and encouraged others to do so as well) the world would be a different place. In the face of the RW threats, there's only ONE party who can keep them out of office, and it's not the Greens or any other. We have a defacto two-party system and when it comes to national elections... only ONE of two parties will end up in the White House... yet the egos and vanity (and resentment) of folks like Sarandon, Moore, West (and others who think Democrats are a "bowl of shit'') continue to compel them all to sabotage and kneecap Democrats.

December 13, 2021

It's the same type of shit I see on Twitter (and elsewhere) regarding Democrats in congress...

... and other members of the Biden administration. They denigrate and insult Democrats and the Biden administration and accuse them of being incompetent, or lazy, or corrupt. They demand that congress "DO SOMETHING" right NOW (as if they all have little magic wands... or as if the Democrats had a super-majority in both houses of Congress --- we don't.)

Inflation and rising gas prices is happening ALL OVER THE WORLD! EVERYBODY is experiencing inflation.
I wish the media would make this clearer.
December 9, 2021

It also hurts when some people falsely call Democrats things like "COASTAL ELITES"...

It also hurts when some people falsely call Democrats things like "COASTAL ELITES". Other lies that I've often heard from disloyal politicians

It certainly doesn't help to motivate Democrats to come out and vote when they hear nothing but negativity and smears coming from certain individuals and "activists".

I think if we can get our "allies" to stop comparing Biden to a BOWL OF SHIT;

-- and to stop saying that Democrats are "the party of the one-percent";
-- and to stop saying that Democrats are "corrupt";
-- and to stop saying that Democrats are "ideologically bankrupt";
-- and to stop saying that Democrats are "no different than Republicans";
-- and to stop saying that Democrats are "feeble";
-- and to stop saying that Democrats are "war-hawks";
-- and to stop saying that Democrats "don't care about the middle class";
-- and to stop saying that Democrats "don't care about climate change";
-- and to stop creating "third parties" that siphon-off votes and sabotage elections;
-- and to stop encouraging voters to abandon Democrats by voting third-party;
-- and to stop making excuses for those voters who DO vote third-party; etc-etc-etc...

well... that would be a good start in getting MORE voters to support Democrats. All I'm trying to say is that type of nonsense needs to stop, and when people call-out those lies and refute that type of negativity they shouldn't be harassed for doing so either.

The lies and smears and attacks only serve to create an atmosphere of negativity: Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections.

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