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NurseJackie's Journal
NurseJackie's Journal
March 25, 2021

We are SO lucky to have Joe Manchin!! I'm glad he's one of OUR OWN! Count your blessings!

Those who "hate" Joe Manchin need to give it a rest!

March 17, 2021

It's an insinuation that Democrats are cowards. Yet another not-so-subtle and aggressive smear...

It's an insinuation that Democrats are cowards. Yet another not-so-subtle and aggressive smear of our party, our elected representatives, and Democratic leadership. The phrase "big money interests" serves to convey the insinuation that Democrats are corrupt or "bought and paid-for" ... which is not true.

This is just a continuation of the ongoing smears and attacks against Democrats that we've been hearing for years. Fact of the matter is that Democrats are NOT cowards. Democrats are NOT corrupt. Democrats are NOT the "party of the one-percent". Democrats are NOT "coastal-elites". Democrats are NOT ideologically bankrupt. Democrats are NOT "do-nothings". Democrats are NOT and "absolute failure". Democrats are NOT "feeble".

All I'm trying to say is that these types of smears and attacks do NOTHING to unify and strengthen the Democratic party. Instead when people say things like that, it divides us and weakens us. It creates resentment, distrust and suspicion. Ultimately, that ONLY has the effect of benefiting Trump's GOP (and Russia).

What good purpose does that serve? I think that loyal Democrats and reasonable people everywhere can all agree that doing (and saying) things like this is harmful and destructive.

March 7, 2021

First, #FactsMatter

You think Mitch and the gang would play nice like that?
I didn't say anything about him.

They play hard and abuse the hell out of the rules when they are in charge.
We are not "in charge"... fact of the matter is this, we have a 50/50 "majority" with a tenuous power-sharing agreement. It makes no sense to pretend as though we now have the same ability to "play hard" and to abuse power as the GOP has done in the past. I live in the real world... and that's simply not going to happen here.

In fact, it did NOT happen. It will NOT happen. Let it go and move on. People need to stop shitting on Democrats for respecting the rules.

So spare me the “it’s against the rules” stuff.
What's more important? Making progress? Or showboating and grandstanding?

We’re fighting for our lives here against a remorseless enemy.
Yes they are... but it does not make good sense to pretend that people were voting on "raising the minimum wage" when it was actually a vote on whether or not to improperly include it in the reconciliation bill.

This gimmick would have doomed the Covid Relief Bill... and even the Bill had passed, it would be stayed because of legal challenges... and thus delayed for MONTHS and MONTHS. I understand that people are eager and angry... but people also need to be smart and avoid making mistakes for the sake of pride, anger, revenge, stubbornness.


First, #FactsMatter
Three VPs (Barkley, Humphrey, Rockefeller) have ignored a Parliamentarian’s advice.
It. Failed. Every. Time.
Each time, the Senate voted to rebuke the VP and side with the Parliamentarian.
Every. Damn. Time.

March 5, 2021

That's a fantasy and it's never going to happen. Joe Biden is not King Biden...

... and that's not his style. What do you think he could do anyway? Threaten to behead them? Act like Trump and withhold funds or vaccine? -- Ridiculous.

In an earlier post, I explained that it was time to focus on what we CAN do instead. Manchin is not going to change. We know this. We should not be surprised or angry. We should not expect him to be anything OTHER than who he is.

Instead, everyone should think "progressively" and look forward to replacing a half-dozen GOP senators and adding a half-dozen NEW Democrats to the Senate in two short years. If we do that, then we can get rid of the filibuster and accomplish so much more.

The constant wailing and handwringing and moaning about how "awful" Manchin is really accomplishes nothing useful. It is what it is, and it's time to accept reality.

He's not my favorite Senator (there's only one I dislike more) but we should feel DAMN LUCKY that he's OURS!!

Count your blessings!

March 5, 2021

Reconciliation dooms HR1 or sends it to the courts... delaying Covid relief for MONTHS!

Everyone knows it wasn't doable. Everyone knows that the Senate is barely evenly split. We only have control of the gavel, and committees. We can't ram-through everything our hearts desire.

Instead of everyone getting all pissy and hateful (and feigning surprise) when something everyone KNOWS IN ADVANCE will fail... wouldn't it be better to focus instead on the things that we CAN do?

Instead of bemoaning the fact that a MW bill will be filibustered... why not think progressively and look FORWARD to what we need to do for the next two years that will help to ELECT FIVE MORE DEMOCRATS to the Senate! Make Manchin irrelevant.

Once that's done (in just two years if we all work together) then the filibuster can be eliminated and a MW bill can be fast-tracked.

It's time to deal with reality, and the reality is that we simply don't have the votes. That's politics.

March 5, 2021

"It violates the rules of reconciliation, and everyone knows it."

It violates the rules of reconciliation, and everyone knows it.

I just don't understand why a stand-alone bill can't be introduced, lobbied for, and voted upon. Who knows, maybe those 8 Democrats (CAPITAL "D"!) would vote for it.

BTW, it was only seven Democrats and the Independent from Maine who voted against including it in the bill. And they didn't vote against the $15 minimum wage, that wasn't nature of the vote, they rightfully voted for the integrity of Senate rules.

I'm just quoting this post so that I can add it to my DU Journal.

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