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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,332

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Let's play the five years later prognostication game.

So, five years from now, January 20, 2028, what will be happening politically.

Here’s my predictions:
Biden will be beginning the fourth year of his second term.
Harris will be running for the Dem nomination as will at least 5 other Dems.
Nikki Haley and about ten others will be running for the GOP nomination.
Trump will have been convicted on three charges of (something) in Georgia and Nationally.
However, he will only pay fines and serve no jail time.

Your guesses?

Was it worth it to the GreedOverPatriotism people in America.

Much has been said and written about how the decline happened.
A right wing media framework that started with Rush and the Rush imitators on radio.
Then, of course, Fox News on tv and Breitbart online, etc. etc.
Lying, manipulating, and manufacturing political scenarios and propaganda to create a good vs evil, us vs them narrative.
They made a lot of money to destroy our two party system.
They got a lot of power.
They got (in their minds) a lot of prestige.
And they offered their followers the moral high ground constantly berating what was once properly called “the loyal opposition”. For their lies and campaigns of disinformation to work, they had to appeal to the very worst in humanity. Use what they saw as outright and latent bigotry from at least 40% of the population to Make those with different skin colors, sexuality, religions or no religion, etc. into horrible (not just different) people.
Their goal was to make Democrats and the Democratic Party into something horrendously vile rather than just a different way of governing but still with the same goals of a prosperous USA.

So, they got what they wanted.
They got their two Americas.
But they won’t stop there. They now want only one.
A white nationalist evangelical theocracy run by an autocracy.
I’m not sure how that can be avoided.
So, I have gone back and rewatched all of the Handmaids Tale episodes.
Will America become Gilead in 20, 30, or 40 years?
I no longer see this as an impossibility.
I hate these people for ruining my country.

Let's play what if. What if Preet Bahrara was AG ?

Asking a Dem vs a Republican what policies they are FOR.

I really can’t tell you what I think the 2023 Republicans are for policy wise.
Other than a “strong border”, “lower taxes and regulations”, name something.
I know what they are AGAINST. womens rights including choice, minorities, lgbtq rights,
gun safety laws, voting rights, etc etc.
But what are they for?

Whereas, if I asked anyone here what you as a Democrat are for, you could rattle off at least five policy positions off of the top of your head.

I’ve decided that this new group of Republicans seriously wants the end of democracy and the two party system. They want a patriarchal white Christian autocracy similar to Gilead in
The Handmaids Tale. It’s frightening as hell.

The vote is always one short at 434. Who is the 1 missing member?

Did someone die or is too sick to attend?

Just saw a sneak preview of Triangles of Sadness.

Certainly thought provoking.
Would love to hear what others think when you see it.

Is Sinema still going to caucus with the Democrats?

I assume she will do so just like Independents Bernie Sanders and Angus King.
That would mean the Dems still have a 51-49 majority.

The greatest Georgia Bulldog was crushed at the home of UGA.

Athens Clarke County went for Warnock 74-26%.
That’s a lot of Georgia football fans that voted against the schools all time sports hero.

Interesting polling question in Georgia.

Who would you rather have a glass of communion wine 🍷 with?
Reverend Warnock 100%

Who would you rather drink some human blood 🩸 with?
Vampire Walker 100%

A question for our Wisconsin friends.


Why did so many people split their ballots. I don’t understand voting for Evers and Johnson.

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