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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
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We should all do voter profiling "hellos" today.

In my state, the poll workers give out little "I voted" stickers.
Wearing these can often be good conversation starters.
Today, if I see someone glancing at my sticker, I will ask them if they voted YET.
Always include the word YET. It's positive sounding.
I only ask those that I demographically profile as probably being on our side.
So, women, Hispanics, African Americans, white men under 40.
So, basically anybody but a white male over 40.

Of course, don't do this in the workplace. I don't want you brought before your Human Resources department for politicking at work, lol.

So, still no Russia connection or child rape stories going mainstream.

I've been flipping stations on TV and my Siriusxm radio all morning.
Still, nothing about Newsweek tease from Rachel's show last night.

I just don't see them touching this only four days out.
Of course, if it was our side..........sigh.

Who will these women vote for:

Lisa Murkowski
Kay Bailey Hutchinson
Olympia Snowe
Susan Collins
Condaleeza Rice
Barbara Bush
Laura Bush
W's daughters (forget their names, too lazy to look them up).

I doubt any will admit it, but I bet several of them will vote for Hillary.
The others will vote third party or write someone is as Kasich did.
I bet none of them vote for Trump.

So does Trump escape child rape and Russian connection scrutiny before Tuesday?

Here's what I'm guessing.
The mainstream media won't touch these or any other negative Trump stories until Wednesday.
But as soon as Wednesday, it will be open season on Trump assuming he loses on Tuesday.
Every media org will then want to "prove" that they will do their job - AFTER IT NO LONGER MATTERS!

Odds that any tv network carries the child rape press conference.

Here's my guesses:
MSNBC. 20% chance
CNN. 10% chance
FOX NEWS. 0 chance

Pretend you are running Hillarys campaign

Where would you send her top surrogates in the final week.
Here's my ideas:

POTUS. Urban centers in Florida and N.Carolina.
FLOTUS. Same as above. Alternate time in each. Also, do a lot of black radio station interviews.
Bernie. New Hampshire. Lock down that Senate seat.
Biden. Pennsylvanias so called 3rd Senator. Bring McGinty a Senate win.
Bill. Rural areas where needed. Appeal to working class Dems.
Kaine. Hispanic audiences, rallys and tv and radio interviews. Mostly Nevada & Florida
Warren. College campuses where needed.
Chelsea. Same as above.
Hillary. Roaming schedule according to internal polling each day. Appeal to as many female audiences as possible being introduced by any local/state celebrities.

States I would concede: Ohio, Iowa
States I would consider locked up: Col, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin
States I would go all out for: Nev, NH, NC, Fla, Penn,
States I would watch closely & might pursue: Ariz, Ind, GA, Maine2,

Your turn, now. What would you do?
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