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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,222

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Christmas gathering stories - post nightmare ones here.

Please post any unpleasantness here.
Good place to get it out of your system.

Hereís mine:
Trumper cousin comes over to house full of liberals and political moderates types.
He Wore MAGA hat to dinner table.
Was asked by host to remove it just while eating. He refused.
He asked to lead a prayer.
Ended it with ďand Dear Jesus, thanks for our wonderful President, please keep him safeĒ.
That led to some snickers around the table.
He then said....Ēwhat are you laughing at...all you fucking liberals can suck my d**k.Ē

Things got even better from there. But, you get the drift.

Ok, your turn, guys.

When do we get to say We Told You So.

So many of us are still holding our tongues.
In the name of going along to get along, we still remain publicaly quiet 🤫 on Trump.
We donít want to damage family, work, school, relationships.
So, we avoid any talk of politics with those we know voted for and still support him.

But, Iíve got to say that they I am getting very close to my...I told you so moment.
We deserve that.
We were right.
We warned everyone even since the GOP primaries that this was a very sick corrupt person.
And we couldnít understand how people that we loved and admired couldnít or wouldnít see it.

But, Iím getting very curious now.
They have to be privately wondering if they made a big mistake.
Iím not talking about the hard core racists and sexists.
Iím talking about your otherwise sane sister-in-law or uncle or cousin.
But, Iím still going to hold off at Christmas.
UNLESS - they bring Trump up - and HOPEFULLY express just a little regret.

If so, I will report back what my response was to them.
Maybe it will be a tongue lashing or maybe just a hug 🤗.
Hopefully, others of you will report back any Trump regret moments that you experience.

Funeral Seating - who draws Trumps small straw

and has to sit next to him?
Interesting watching Hillary sitting next to and talking to Jimmy Carter.
Joe Biden sitting next to Lynne Chaney and ignoring each other.
Dan Quayle and Mike Pence....Americaís two whitest and most boring gifts from Indiana are discussing plans for tonightís Wednesday prayer meeting and ice cream 🍨 social, vanilla, of course.

Would Dems have taken Senate if today's news came in October?

You just wonder if this would have moved the needle in places like Fla, Ind, ND, Mo ?
Guess we will never know.
I still hate that we lost four good Senators.

A plan to turn Georgia & Florida Blue before 2020.

We came so close in both states in 2018.
About 25,000 more Dem votes in Ga and 40,000 in Fla.

So, hereís my idea.
What if there was a concentrated effort made to recruit Dems from nearby red states to move.
S.Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi are still reliably red in Prez elections so taking some Dems from those states wonít change them much (I realize we have Ala Dem Sen Doug Jones running for re-election in 2020 but doubt he will face another pedophile.)
Are there Dems in those states that would consider moving to Georgia where we could flip a Senate seat and flip 16 electoral votes in 2020 and 29 electoral votes in Florida.

Iíll bet they would for a better paying job.
So, what if there was a concerted progressive southern effort made to recruit people from those states to jobs in Georgia and Florida.
Large progressive employers in those states like media actor and producer Tyler Perry could help organize the recruiting campaign.

Is this a good idea or a crazy one?

Let's rename her Cindy-CantHydeMyRacism-Smith

A request for New Yorkers and Washington DC residents.

If you see Ivanka somewhere, please say or softly chant: Lock Her Up.

Tyler Perry needs to make a movie/documentary about the GA Gov race.

It has all of the elements.
Racism, bigotry, theft, Oprah.
Come on Tyler, tell the story.

So what happened with the noon deadline today in Palm Beach?


Cindy Hyde-Smith is now THE LYNCH LADY.

Everyone should call her that.
Mike Espy should run ads on tv, radio, and social media calling her that.
Every day. All day long.
It will enrage our base and embarrass some of theirs.
It will work.
Do it, Espy campaign.
This is your gift to pull the upset.

Donít vote for the Lynch Lady!
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