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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,213

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Would Dems have taken Senate if today's news came in October?

You just wonder if this would have moved the needle in places like Fla, Ind, ND, Mo ?
Guess we will never know.
I still hate that we lost four good Senators.

A plan to turn Georgia & Florida Blue before 2020.

We came so close in both states in 2018.
About 25,000 more Dem votes in Ga and 40,000 in Fla.

So, here’s my idea.
What if there was a concentrated effort made to recruit Dems from nearby red states to move.
S.Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi are still reliably red in Prez elections so taking some Dems from those states won’t change them much (I realize we have Ala Dem Sen Doug Jones running for re-election in 2020 but doubt he will face another pedophile.)
Are there Dems in those states that would consider moving to Georgia where we could flip a Senate seat and flip 16 electoral votes in 2020 and 29 electoral votes in Florida.

I’ll bet they would for a better paying job.
So, what if there was a concerted progressive southern effort made to recruit people from those states to jobs in Georgia and Florida.
Large progressive employers in those states like media actor and producer Tyler Perry could help organize the recruiting campaign.

Is this a good idea or a crazy one?

Let's rename her Cindy-CantHydeMyRacism-Smith

A request for New Yorkers and Washington DC residents.

If you see Ivanka somewhere, please say or softly chant: Lock Her Up.

Tyler Perry needs to make a movie/documentary about the GA Gov race.

It has all of the elements.
Racism, bigotry, theft, Oprah.
Come on Tyler, tell the story.

So what happened with the noon deadline today in Palm Beach?


Cindy Hyde-Smith is now THE LYNCH LADY.

Everyone should call her that.
Mike Espy should run ads on tv, radio, and social media calling her that.
Every day. All day long.
It will enrage our base and embarrass some of theirs.
It will work.
Do it, Espy campaign.
This is your gift to pull the upset.

Don’t vote for the Lynch Lady!

Has anybody been audited? How long do they take?

Are Trumps so complex that they really can take more than two years?
Is there a way the new Dem House can find out if he was lying about the audits once they get his tax returns.?

* Election Alert - if you are near FtLauderdale - please READ THIS NOW!

The other side wants to bully us and stop the counting.
They have their goons there now trying to intimidate us and win the public relations war.
If you are anywhere in driving distance of Ft.LauderdLe, please go there now.

Here is the Broward County elections web site, with address and phone number.


Hey Broward Fla: There are no racists in heaven.

Love to see some Gillum/Nelson supporters go to the Broward County election center where the vote counting is ongoing despite Repub efforts to stop it....
Carry a sign saying this.
“There are no racists in heaven”.
You’re not directly calling the DeSantis/Scott supporters racists, but you really are.
And you’re making it personal to their “souls”....they hate that.
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