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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
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Help is on the way, Only 5 months away!

We all feel a little hopeless, forlorn, and depressed right now.
But let’s keep our eyes on the prize.
It’s now only five months until November 3 when Joe Biden will become our President-Elect.
Hopefully, WITH A Democratic Senate that won’t have someone like Moscow Mitch able to stop his agenda.

So, keep your chin up.
Register any unregistered voters that you can.
Think about volunteering or donating to local, state, or federal campaigns.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay hopeful.
This horrendous time in our nations history is about to end.
And WE are the ones that will end it. Take pride it that.
We (you and I, the non racist, non sexist, non bigoted majority) are the change.
I love you all.

I worry about Corona spreading at these protests.

More black people and some young white progressives ironically may die while protesting someone who was wrongfully killed.

"So THATS what offended you"?

Every time that any of Biden’s little minor misstatements or “gaffes” are mentioned, that should be our response. Then rattle off some of Trumps horrible statements and things he had done like kids in cages.

We all can help Biden win while we are Staying Home.

Besides reading DU, here’s some ideas for you to help pass the time until November 3.

Expand your social media profile.
Defend Biden and attack Trump whenever and wherever needed.
Get reacquainted with old friends and acquaintances. Subtly find out their politics.
If they are anti Trump, make sure they are registered to vote and will help Biden win.
Help those unregistered to register.
Check out progressive web sites that do phone banking and post card mailings. Do some each day.

Help President Biden have a Dem Senate to work with.
Do whatever you can to help with close flippable Senate races like Maine and NCarolina.

Stay safe, healthy and sane.
We are all needed at our best to make November 3 a day that we will all be celebrating ! ! !
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