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Chuck Schumer giving speech now

And he IS going there--naming trump.

Wonder if there are any rethuglicans there?

Well, there's something you don't see everyday

Near Olympia, WA


Tornado Warning for Southwest Kentucky

We're right in the middle of it this time. Just big thunderstorm at the moment. But funnel cloud sighted west of us.

Here we go again......

Elephant Slide

These Bizarre Photos Are so Creepy We Wish They Weren't Real

Cabbage Patch Aliens
Besides stating the obvious, that something is clearly very wrong with the cabbages growing in this field, the pure surrealness of the image is something to be admired. What exactly is going on here? It really looks like some leftover form of alien waste, or strange massive eggs waiting to be hatched. Very few people would assume from just one look that these strange egg-like substances shooting out of the ground are in fact just a bunch of cabbages.

Don't Worry, This Is Perfectly Normal
With no title on this image, your mind might go wild with possibilities to explain the bizarre appearance of countless small skeletons within one large body. But once you understand the context, it's actually quite incredible to think about. There are so many sets of bones all squished together in such a small place, it's shocking that this is natural. Look how many little puppies will soon be entering the world!

The Worst Seat in Town
It would probably be quite difficult for you to find a worse place to sit anywhere in the world. Imagine if somehow you didn't see the enormous nest or hive of bees that set up camp on your bicycle seat. You would certainly be in for the ride of your life within a short amount of time. Despite the sheer horror that this picture invokes, you can't help but be somewhat impressed by the hive's structure

Much more creepiness

And as added bonus, directly below this collection:
Hidden From The World: These Are The Biggest Abandoned Places On Earth

An Abandoned Home In Nebraska, USA
It takes a lot of hard work and luck to take a memorable photo. So, the photographer was able to capture this photo at the right moment during a storm in 2015. He was at an abandoned home in Nebraska when he took a photo just when the lightning struck. Due to the lightening, the eeriness of this abandoned house is added a thousand times. An interesting thing about the photo is that there are no trees nearby.


20 Surprising Stories Behind Popular Christmas Decorations

Learn the lore about your favorite festive flair.


Like clockwork, holiday-happy decorators annually pull their Christmas decor from storage and deck the halls at the end of November and early December. But have you ever stopped to wonder why you trim that tree, or go crazy for Christmas crackers? Read on to learn the fascinating origins—and longstanding legends—behind classic Christmastime decorations.

A medieval play inspired the characteristic colors of Christmas.

Why do we go gaga for green and red on everything from ribbons to wrapping paper at Christmastime? The colors are thought to be inspired by the Paradise tree, a fir tree with apples that was used as a prop in “The Paradise Play,” an eleventh-century play about the Christian view of Creation. The tree represented the Garden of Eden, its red apples were a symbol of the knowledge that led to Adam’s fall, and the green fir represented eternal life. As for the white wafers that adorned the tree, they represented innocence. The play became associated with Christmas because of its religious themes.


Oil company accused of drilling in African wildlife reserve, offering jobs for silence

Canada-based ReconAfrica appears to have flouted Namibian law, legal experts say.

RUNDU, NAMIBIACanadian oil and gas exploration company Reconnaissance Energy Africa has bulldozed land for a test oil well inside a protected wildlife area in northeastern Namibia, and two local leaders say they were offered jobs in return for their silence.

Kapinga Kamwalye Conservancy borders the Okavango River and extends more than 22 miles south into the Kalahari Desert. Established in 2018 to protect habitat for charismatic animals such as elephants and rare sable antelope, the conservancy also attracts tourism and provides jobs for some of its 3,700 residents. Villages are interspersed among groves of towering teak, rosewood, and mopane trees, which offer vital shade.

But last December, the oil company came.

Today a clearing the size of five football fields scars the Kapinga Kamwalye refuge, sensitive land bulldozed in January by ReconAfrica for an exploratory drill site. Pits holding waste from test drilling are filled with dark liquid. Fields are pocked with the heavy imprint of metal seismic testing plates. Ripped-up trees lie in blackened heaps alongside wide tracks through the bush.


The company didn’t submit its application to the land board until June 28, nearly six months after the land was cleared and drilling began, according to Muronga, who also sits on the board. The board’s chairman, Bernardino Mbumba, confirmed during a parliamentary hearing in Windhoek on November 23 that the company’s application is still pending—even though ReconAfrica began bulldozing the land for its oil well in January 2021.


Large variety of wildlife there, hippos, elephants, lions, giraffes, and endangered African wild dogs. Humans.

First true millipede discovered--new species has 1,306 legs

Scientists in Australia have discovered a new species of millipede that lives 200 feet underground, has no eyes, and scurries around on 1,306 legs.

They named it Eumillipes persephone after Persephone, the Greek goddess and queen of the underworld. But this new invertebrate deserves a crown for another reason: It has the most legs of any creature on Earth, living or dead.

In fact, the competition isn’t even close. The largest specimen of the new species, a female, was less than four inches long, yet easily beat out the previous world-record holder, Illacme plenipes, a millipede that lives near Silicon Valley, California, and has 750 legs.

This means that E. persephone is the world’s first true millipede, since the word millipede means “thousand feet” in Latin, according to a new study published December 16 in the journal Scientific Reports.

While the new animal’s leg count is unprecedented, it may not even be the limit of what’s possible. (Read about the discovery of a glowing millipede.)

Many millipede species begin life with just eight legs, but as they shed their skin and add new body segments, or rings, they can keep developing more legs, says study leader Paul Marek, a millipede expert at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

“So there’s probably an individual out there with more rings and more legs, and that’s kind of hard for me to wrap my mind around,” says Marek, also a National Geographic Explorer.


Picture and cool video at link.

Criminal cats? Iran's proposed pet ban sparks outrage

The ban would affect "crocodiles, turtles, snakes, lizards, cats, mice, rabbits, dogs and other unclean animals as well as monkeys."

Outrage was sparked in Iran after the government proposed a law in November that would ban pets in the country.
The law, named Protection of the Public's Rights Against Animals, was proposed by 75 hardliner legislators and introduced in November, described people living with animals as a "destructive social problem," and bans "importing, raising, assisting in the breeding of, breeding, buying or selling, transporting, driving or walking, and keeping in the home wild, exotic, harmful and dangerous animals," according to AFP. However, the definition of "harmful and dangerous animals" does not strictly cover animals typically deemed as such.
According to the AFP, the ban would affect "crocodiles, turtles, snakes, lizards, cats, mice, rabbits, dogs and other unclean animals as well as monkeys."

Those punished by this ban, if it passes into law, would face a fine said to be equivalent to 10-30 times the minimum monthly working wage, loss of the animal and, for three months, the vehicles used to transport it, according to AFP.
So why is Iran proposing this ban?

According to Iranian parliamentarian Mohammad-Taghi Naghdali, it has to do with danger.
Speaking to the Didban-e Iran news website, Naghdali said that the law was due to the danger of dogs. Dogs, he said, can cause nuisance and harm" to people, and said a dog recently killed children in a park in the country's capital.
Indeed, dogs are something many in Iran have focused on for a while, and are said to be the main concern behind the bill.
The city of Tehran banned animals from public spaces after a report in July in the newspaper Kayhan called dog-walking a "major problem," according to Iran International.

The idea itself could be said to be rooted in Islamic law, where dogs are thought of as being impure. Indeed, other Muslim countries have restrictions against canine companions.


"Dogs, in particular, have faced cruel fates in Iran in the past, with images that circulated on social media in recent years depicting stray dogs dying in agony or brutally beaten by the authorities,"

Gov. Beshear Provides Update on Storm Response

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Dec. 13, 2021) – Monday morning, Gov. Andy Beshear updated Kentuckians on his administration’s response to the Dec. 11 quad-state tornado outbreak.

• This was the worst tornado event in state history;
• At least four tornados touched down in Kentucky; one was on the ground for more than 200 miles in this state alone;
• We believe a 1,000 homes were damaged or destroyed;
• In eight counties, lives were lost;
• In eighteen counties, there was significant damage;
• There are 64 confirmed deaths at this point: 20 in Graves County, 13 in Hopkins County, 11 in Muhlenberg County; 12 in Warren County; four in Caldwell County; one each in Marshall, Taylor, Fulton and Lyon counties;
• There are 18 people who died in the storm who are still unidentified;
• Ages of those lost range from 5 months to 86 years;
• At least six of those lost were younger than 18;
• 105 people remain unaccounted for;
• Mayfield Consumer Products owner says eight employees were killed and eight are still missing. The Governor is hoping for a miracle and is working to confirm this report;
• Final death and destruction numbers may take a week or more;
• Yesterday, President Joe Biden declared that a major disaster exists in Kentucky and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the areas affected;
• The declaration makes federal funding available to affected individuals in Caldwell, Fulton, Graves, Hopkins, Marshall, Muhlenberg, Taylor and Warren counties;
• Starting today, residents and business owners who sustained losses in the designated counties can begin applying for assistance by registering online at DisasterAssistance.gov or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or TTY 1-800-462-7585 (for deaf or hard-of-hearing Kentuckians); The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (local time) seven days a week until further notice;
• At least 300 National Guard members have been deployed to help;
• Hundreds of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Energy and Environment Cabinet Division of Forestry staff members are clearing debris;
• Kentucky State Parks in the area are now open to host families who need housing for at least two weeks. Volunteers who are willing to assist state parks staff housing distressed guests should contact Kentucky State Parks Division Director Andy Kasitz at andy.kasitz@ky.gov;
• The Governor ordered flags to be flown at half-staff Tuesday through next Monday evening in honor of those lost and impacted;
• The Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund will provide $5,000 to each victim’s family for funeral expenses. There is no need to apply the state will be working to contact families;
• As of this morning, the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund has received:
o 30,175 donations
o $4,009,817.71 fund balance
o Visit TeamWKYReliefFund.ky.gov
• Both Department for Community Based Services locations in Mayfield/Graves County suffered damage and cannot serve the public at this time. A mobile unit has been requested. Until the mobile unit is ready, those who need help may call 855-306-8959, or they may apply for help online on the kynect site. The URL is kynect.ky.gov. Starting today, a special queue is in place for people needing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, or SNAP;
• Walgreens in Mayfield has been the only pharmacy that’s been open and starting today, Walmart Pharmacy plans to open for prescription fulfillment;
• Around 30,000 homes are still without power;
• Any family members of missing loved ones should report to the office building of His House Ministries to provide a reference standard to law enforcement for identification purposes. His House Ministries is located at 1250 KY-303 in Mayfield. Anyone who needs assistance in getting to His House Ministries can call 859-267-7775.
• The Kentucky State Police Forensic Laboratory is using Rapid DNA technology to assist in the identification of victims in Friday night’s storms;
• Rapid DNA has been used throughout the country for this purpose and can provide results in less than two hours. This allows family members to be reunited with the remains of their loved ones as quickly as possible.
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