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Journal Archives

Neighbors rescue a Raccoon sentenced to death by hanging

This is painful to watch, and the commentary will drive you nuts, but its worth it.

Lonesome Xmas--Clapton


Xmas Sting.....

Gabriel's Message

Where Will You Be for Xmas?

Merry Xmas!!

May it be bright, and white.......

A Lovemonger's Christmas

A couple of original xmas tunes by Heart..... Enjoy!

Bear jumping with 5-year-old boy

Video at link is great!

Five-year-old Ian goes to the Nashville Zoo often with his dad, Patrick Parker. While visiting the bear exhibit, Ian started jumping in front of the glass separating him from an Andean bear when it jumped into the water. Incredibly enough, the "copycat" bear made his way over to the glass and started jumping along with Ian.

According to Ian's dad, the two enjoyed a "10-minute jump session."


Negan from Walking Dead--the guy everyone loves to hate

I think I totally love him now!

When an abandoned donkey and emu fell in love, it took a television bad guy to make sure they’d never have to be apart.

Rescue personnel found Jack, the donkey, and Diane, the emu, in a pen together on an abandoned farm in Kershaw, South Carolina. It quickly became clear that they could not be separated when they both cried and became inconsolable without the other.

In addition, Jack and Diane don’t get along with other donkeys or emus. They have to be housed in a pen by themselves.

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