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Scaly Bark Watermelons?

Anyone have experience growing these? Trying some this year for the first time, and having trouble telling when they're ripe. The usual thumping, and underside check doesn't seem to apply. I hate to cut up any more that look/sound like a good one I would buy at the grocery, to find they are totally unripe.

My usual Ali Baba's and Crimson Sweets are plugging right along, should be able to be picking in the next month.

Baker Seed Description:

Weather Channel Weirdness

Very odd last night--I clicked on Weather Channel on my desktop, and it came up in Arabic. I refreshed it, and it initially came up in English, then flipped to Arabic again.

What da hell?

Time to Update Our Cast for the Trump Movie

In the last edition of this discussion, I remember everyone agreeing that Alec Baldwin had to play tRump, and Melissa McCarthy was Sean Spicer. No definite conclusions for Pence, Flynn, McConnell, Ryan, or Melania.

The cast of characters changes on a daily basis anymore, so its hard to tell who will be the most prominent by the end of the script, and who will have faded to bit parts. Currently, we need nominations for:

--Vladimir Putin (I vote for Gary Oldman. Made a great Russian in Air Force One)
--Robert Mueller (I got nothing)
--Rod Rosenstein (Christopher Meloni)
--John Bolton (Yosemite Sam does NOT count!)
--Paul Manafort (Aidan Quinn)
--Michael Cohen (Joe Pesci)
--Sarah H. Sanders (Hilary Swank)

Oh--and I almost forgot--Barack Obama (Will Smith) and Hillary Clinton.

And who should direct? Do you see this as more of a Ron Howard production, Spielberg, or M. Night Shyamalan?

Talk amongst yourselves.

The Role of Bovine Leukemia Virus in Breast Cancer

Up to 20 percent of all cancers in general are linked to infections, particularly viruses, and the list of potentially carcinogenic infectious agents is growing. It would be great if we could find a virus that contributed to breast cancer risk, because then we might have new ways to prevent and treat it. Currently, the dietary link between breast cancer and consumption of meat and dairy is considered a saturated fat effect, but there is a cancer-causing bovine virus that infects the mammary gland cells of cows. The infectious virus is then released into the milk supply. Since most U.S. dairy herds are infected, scientists posit that Americans are often exposed to this bovine leukemia virus (BLV).


"These Must-See Historical Photos Will Blow Your Mind"


I love this kind of stuff. There are some real stunners in here (forgive the ads). My particular favorite: "President Jimmy Carter met with Polish military leaders in 1977 and embarrassed himself thanks to his interpreter. His interpreter accidentally claimed that the president wanted to leave the US forever, grab their genitals, and ended by speaking Russian."

Dogs steal mail carrier's lunch, then their apology note goes viral

For decades, students across the country have offered up the classic excuse, "Dog ate my homework." But now, a letter carrier in Smithfield, Virginia is saying, "Dogs ate my lunch." And the story that unfolded has amused thousands of people on social media.

In June, Carol Jordan, who owns a five-acre farm in Isle of Wight, Virginia, stopped at her mailbox and discovered a handwritten note there from the woman who delivers her family's mail.


Kaine jokes: Kim Jong Un will send Trump a copy of 'American Idiot'


Did the Idiot In Chief actually do this?
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