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Inside Prince Harry's efforts to preserve African parks

The British royal is expanding the amount of protected land in Commonwealth nations.

In 2016, Prince Harry flew over a forest reserve in southern Malawi called Mangochi. He was shocked by what he saw. Though the reserve borders one of the country’s most popular safari destinations, it looked badly deforested and neglected. People had started moving in past the park’s borders. “These communities are encroaching way beyond where they should be and this whole place is on fire,” he recalls thinking. (See stunning images selected by Prince Harry showing the beauty and power of trees.)

Malawi, a sliver of a country tucked into the borders of Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania, straddles the environment of both southern and east Africa. The electricity-poor region is reliant on charcoal for energy and reportedly has the highest rate of deforestation in the region. As conservation groups begin to tackle this crisis, a royal effort hopes to exert enough pressure to keep the indigenous forests preserved.

On Monday, three years after Prince Harry made that first flyover and urged Mangochi’s protection, he made an announcement: Mangochi Forest Reserve and Liwonde National Park, which sit side by side, had officially joined the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. Under the scorching sun the Duke of Sussex welcomed some 300 square miles of nature into his grandmother’s initiative. The plaques indicating the new designation are mounted on the stone entrance to Liwonde, beneath a metallic tree crafted from confiscated poachers’ snares. 


No financial contributions yet though.

Saving Baby Foxes

Good job!

Surgery on a grape


Giving Is The Best Communication

Panda Cub Loves His Keeper

First-Year Community College Students In LA Will Get Free Laptops

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — First-time community college students will not only get free tuition, but also free laptops under a new program under the LA College Promise.

The “Connect to Success” program will distribute free, refurbished laptops to ever first-year students under the LA College Promise. The program’s goal is to help fully prepare and empower young people city officials hope will ultimately contribute to the local community and economy.

“Our job is to knock down any hurdles standing between our students and their dreams – and that means sparing them the expense of a tuition bill, connecting them to the classroom on public transit, and giving them a reliable computer to do homework, make their grades and prepare for the future,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement.

Last month, the city made it free for all LAUSD students to ride the DASH bus to school and the state expanded free community college tuition from one to two years for all first-time California students.

The laptops are provided by human-I-T, a nonprofit that focuses on bridging the digital divide, with help from philanthropic donors like the Annenberg Foundation.

About 6,000 students in the Los Angeles Community College District will have access to the free laptops.


video at site

Birthday Cake Gone Wrong

Amazing video editing

This guy is awesome. Many video's of more on google.

This fountain in Japan stunned the world

Homeless Veteran Gets New Adidas shoes On Veterans Day

Just be kind.
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