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LAS14's Journal
LAS14's Journal
August 13, 2017

What do you think motivated Ivanka?

- White house decided to try to walk back Trump's Charlottesville response and chose Ivanka?

- She's finally getting educated to the fact that white supremacy is dangerous for her children?

- Other?

In case you missed it, here's one of her tweets re Charlottesville.

"There should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis,” she tweeted. “We must all come together as Americans.”

August 13, 2017

Why do we even conduct studies about population differences between the sexes?

This Friday on NPR, David Brooks said something I've known perfectly well my whole adult life. But I hadn't thought about it in quite this way. If population studies can tell us nothing about an individual, why do we conduct so many of them? I can see population studies for health, for targeting prevention and aiding in diagnosis. But surely they have no place in a situation where an individual is being judged for a job. Why do we even conduct these studies?

"There are some minor differences between populations, mostly in levels of interest, not in levels of ability. And - but these are all about populations. You can't tell anything about a person, about an individual from any of these studies. " David Brooks

August 13, 2017

Why isn't racism even being considered??????????

We got surveys from the DNC and from Ed Markey, asking our opinion about priorities for the Democratic party. Racism wasn't even on the list!!!!! The results will be totally scewed!!! Whatever happened to black lives matter? Did anyone notice what happened in Charlotesville today?

The section on all minorities doesn't do it. The history of African Americans in the U.S. is a totally different thing than the phenomena of "Irish need not apply" and current anti-imigrant sentiment. Those are important and must be addressed, but we mustn't forget our history.

This is really, really shocking to me.

Has anyone noticed this trend anywhere else?????

August 3, 2017

Suggestion for the MSM. Collect all of Trump's lies each day...

.... into one story. Call it Lies of the Day. Don't headline individual lies, even if the falsehood is pointed out in the story.

August 2, 2017

Might we be entering a new stage???? GOP supporting insurance subsidies

This is really exciting to me.... How come it disappeared from Google news almost as soon as it showed up????

WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans moved on Tuesday to defuse President Trump’s threat to cut off critical payments to health insurance companies, maneuvering around the president toward bipartisan legislation to shore up insurance markets under the Affordable Care Act.

Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, the influential chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, announced that his panel would begin work in early September on legislation to “stabilize and strengthen the individual health insurance market” for 2018. He publicly urged Mr. Trump to continue making payments to health insurance companies to reimburse them for reducing the out-of-pocket medical expenses of low-income people.

In the House, two Republicans, Representatives Tom Reed of New York and Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, teamed with Democrats to promote incremental health legislation that would also fund the cost-sharing subsidies.

The moves were a remarkable response to the president’s repeated threats to send health insurance markets into a tailspin. They offered tangible indications of cooperation between the parties after Republican efforts to scrap the Affordable Care Act collapsed in the Senate last week, all but ending the seven-year Republican quest to overturn President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement. Lawmakers from both parties concede that the health law needs improvement, as consumers face sharp premium increases and a shrinking number of insurance options in many states.

July 31, 2017

Indivisible - How does one donate?

I was so excited by the Kentucky group's DitchMitch2020 that I wanted to donate.... help groups all over the country put up more billboards. I went to their website and couldn't find any place to make a donation. I don't want to join another group. Has anyone else here made donations?


July 27, 2017

Dunkirk, the movie, was a depressing disappointment.

After it was over, I realized I'd been hungering for an example of masses of people rallying together, bravely, to do good. There really were masses, over 300,000 soldiers rescued, over 800 civilian boats came across the channel. I wanted to be reminded, and I wanted recent generations to see something like this.

Instead, the "crowd" shots showed maybe a dozen lines of 50 to 100 soldiers each, waiting for boats. When the boats finally were shown arriving, there were maybe a couple of dozen. Most of the shots of the one boat in one of the 3 main story line showed it alone on the see. Many of the scenes of individual soldiers in another main story line showed them virtually alone.

I didn't want an over the top Hollywood spectacular. I just expected Hollywood to do one of the things it is able to do, and represent a mass gathering together of good humanity.

Instead, it just screamed out at me, "Low budget, not worth the effort."

July 27, 2017

Is it extreme to draw parallels to Idi Amin and Kim Jong-un?

How much traction can this kind of behavior have in a mature democracy? We might be wrong to dismiss the possibility of his cowing all meaningful Republican resistance. Nothing has sobered me as much as hearing thousands of boy scouts cheering on his hate filled speech. Unless it is the resounding silence of the Republican party. They're "stunned," but quietly, in the back halls of congress.

President Trump’s management style isn’t making him many friends in Congress.

Trump’s habit of bullying his allies has sown seeds of doubt about whether any political sacrifice by a GOP lawmaker will be rewarded — or even remembered — by the president.


July 26, 2017

Does anyone know how intelligent, engaged Germans responded to early Hitler?

Does humor help?
Do incisive columns help?

It's worth looking at, because whatever they did wasn't effective.

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