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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
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Donít hug your dog Ė it hates it

It may come as a shock to owners, but dogs hate being cuddled, a study has shown.

Animal psychologists say dogs feel stressed and unhappy when they are embraced by their owners, because it stops them being able to run away.

In a study which analysed 250 pictures of dogs as they were being hugged, eight out of 10 animals looked visibly uncomfortable.


This sucks. Not surprising, but really, really sucks.

Famous Duos in a Nearby Parallel Universe


Add your own!

Peanut butter AND Salsa
Chips AND Jelly

Seems legit

Deconstructing odd food combinations

There was a thread not too long ago about weird food combos that we inexplicably like. As I read through it, I was trying to analyze the combos and relate them to something familiar that might explain why the combo works.

So, I challenge you to post your (actual) odd food combos that you just love but that everyone else thinks is insane. Let's see why it works.

I will start, but I have to admit that this combo came from my deliberate effort to take two foods that I have never combined, but that, based on other combos, should work:

Cottage cheese and jellied cranberry sauce

I like cottage cheese and pineapple (or peaches, or really, any canned fruit), and I love cranberry sauce with turkey. But I hardly ever have turkey around, but I wanted to eat some cranberry sauce. So, thus this combination.

It was very good!

Your turn.
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