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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 5,426

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Everyone everwhere has overheard a 3rd party on a cell phone

Trump just threw down a crystal gauntlet, shattered into billions of shards.

Even his diehard loyalists know how absurd his claim is.

The fact is, likely, that narcissist Trump never even wants to listen to anybody ever, so no doubt he usually doesn't hear people on cell phones even if they are in shouting.

Everyone: :crickets:

Fiona Hill for National Security Advisor? Sec Defense?

Whoever our next President is needs to appoint Fiona Hill to a very senior national security position.

She is a no-BS professional who should inspire bipartisan confidence.

Huge fan, here.

The way that black holes are detected is analogous to an indirect proof of Trump's guilt

You don't detect a black hole directly, but rather by the absence of what's around it.

Similarly, everyone around Trump *knew* about the de facto quid pro quo, but the absence of Trump actually ever saying it explicitly proves so clearly Trump's consciousness of guilt.

I'm not wording this well, but I hope the concept is clear. Help me word it better, please?

ETA: Maybe it's this, that considering *everyone* knew about the conditions, it's suspiciously conspicuously absent from Trump's mouth.

When will we finally be able to see/hear all of Trump's phone calls

with foreign leaders? Isn't there some set timeframe whereby they become public record?

I'm trying to plan how long I will have to live, because I really, really want to read them.

Trump gets ZERO human empathy from me. None whatsoever.

Same for his family. If that says something awful about me, I accept it. But remember where it came from.


Please read the Morrison deposition yourself


I'm about halfway through it and taking a break to scan what is being said about it -- and it is distressing to see the disconnect. On both sides.

Whenever possible, it is *always* to your advantage to go read the source material for yourself. It's only then that you can truly appreciate any biases you encounter while reading press and blog coverage.

If I had a better way to type lengthy posts, I would elaborate.... but unfortunately, single finger on cell phone sucks.

WaPo writer needs our help

Let's please help rewrite the below sentence so that it more accurately represents the point that is apparently trying to be made.

"There is also no credible evidence that Biden intervened with Ukrainian officials to remove the country’s top prosecutor to help his son, who sat on the board of a company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch."


Why it matters:

Considering that the opening paragraph of Paul Farhi's story is this:
New York Times reporter Kenneth P. Vogel was on the Ukraine conspiracy story early and in depth. The question is, did his articles leave the wrong impression?
his own (poorly structured) sentence ought to be exceedingly clear. So let's help him out.

First, what's the problem? Let's break it down.

1. "There is also no credible evidence
2. that Biden intervened with Ukrainian officials
3. to remove the country’s top prosecutor
4. to help his son,
5. who sat on the board of a company
6. owned by a Ukrainian oligarch."

Read the paragraph like a Trump apologist, and you know that their brain already turned off by 2. and most certainly by 3. I know, I've had the pleasure of being yelled at to "Go listen to the tape!! Biden did exactly that!" It's not until 4. that we get to the crux, and the point that is the most laughably easy to refute: that Biden sought to remove the prosecutor (Shukin) who had terminated an investigation into Burisma's owner.

My own writing skills suck, so please DU, help Paul Farhi out and reword his paragraph to accurately reflect reality.

"The" is the most common word in English.

"The" is *the* most common word in English.

Did the pronunciations (in your head as you read them) change?

Oh, GREAT question!


What if

... what if Erdowan knew of the unsecured 7/26 Sondland/Trump cell phone call...

....and used that info to "persuade" Trump to give up the Kurds?

Just one example of what could have happened.
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