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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 5,426

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Hey motherfucker. Newsom learned.

Trump using Dems who have praised him, after demonstrating what happens if you don't, is beyond reprehensible. No surprise, but still

Sorry Jim. They're not gonna answer.

All Acosta is asking us: what if we had instituted social distancing even TWO WEEKS earlier.

I heard Cuomo say that as soon as NY crisis is over,

He will personally get the unused ventilators moved to where they're needed, and he'd provide the personnel.

But Trump is holding 10,000 for an emergency.

Ahh, now the truth comes out. Which of Trump's friends is in a coma?

So, typical Repuke.

ETA: Hope it's Rush.

Trump just revealed that a good friend, a fat older man, is in a coma. Who?

Did she just call him a "large blue mountain?"

Where's the video of his hair flying away?

I wasn't watching but heard sound.

If it weren't for my dog, I could stay inside for weeks, probably

The only reason I have to get out of bed, get (mostly) dressed, leave the house, is because my dog has to pee. (and poop)

It's sort of nice to not have to feel too guilty about it these days.

"Freud" on Netflix. If you liked "Penny Dreadful"...

I took a half-day off of the (current reality) madness and plunged into 8-hours of binge watching the new series on Netflix, "Freud".

Definitely worth the time, and a nice distraction.

It's one of those period piece alternative-history stories. I don't want to review it, except to say: if you enjoyed "Penny Dreadful" you will enjoy this. I found it very much scratched that itch.

German (?) with subtitles: although I must say, I watched the last episode with dubbed "British English" and found that completely tolerable, compared to usual dubbing.

Two thumbs up. If you liked Penny Dreadful, no brainier.

If he keeps insisting he inherited a completely broken system,

then someone MUST get him to admit that


Can't have it both ways, asshole.

Some entertainment: "Fire and Fury" audiobook, read by "Trump"

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