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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
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My pleasure. I only recently stumbled upon him.

I wish I had had a math teacher like him when I was in grade or middle school. Every single video of his is interesting.

Seeing math revealed visually as he presents it gives me a slight glimpse into whatever mysterious process occurs in the brains of math savants--it's the only viable explanation I can fathom.

Here's the video that got me hooked on his channel, although it could have been any of them:

Aged cheeses. Why do they have expiration dates?

I mean, unopened plastic wrapped.

If it's an aged cheese that is unopened and looks ok, is it probably ok? What could go wrong?

And a related question: what's the best application for such a product? I mean, that bypasses whatever, if any, specific type of deterioration, like maybe texture.

Just wondering, while cleaning out fridge....

Fascinating. This 32-year-old man stopped aging at 13

I think I've seen documentaries in the past about this condition--it's seemingly the opposite of progeria, where one has accelerated aging.

But this fellow apparently aged normally until adolescence, then stopped.

I do hope there are researchers who are studying this and doing full genome sequencing on such folks. Imagine the implications for longevity research!

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