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Home country: Ireland
Current location: Ireland
Member since: Mon May 23, 2016, 04:42 AM
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IF Hillary doesn't get a huuuuuge bounce out of these last 4 nights, it really would be

time for that Canadian move. That was a monumental 4 days, outstandingly devised and executed, where the co-ordination of what people want to say (and how they said it) will be spoken of for decades.

All going well, Hillary should have a commanding lead by September, and this provides a defining moment in the history of the United States to re-double efforts to smash the Republican Party in all the down ballot races. We've seen what they did to President Obama for 8 years, in a less than hidden undercurrent of racism. Given the chance, they have no shame and would do the same to Hillary. The USA cannot suffer another 4 years of this selfishness.

There is an opportunity for the Democratic Party to create a generation changing Government, I hope they leave nothing behind in their efforts to do so.

The Clinton Campaign needs to step on this NOW

before Hillary going back on her TPP deal with Bernie becomes the narrative amongst Bernie supporters (and elsewhere). How many hours have passed already ? Where is this much vaunted "Rapid Response team" ?

Secondly, having doubled down on the same stupid remark, someone needs to apply a boot to Terry McAuliffe's nuts.

Holy crap, Jill Stein AT the Democratic Convention, stirring horsemanure WTF ????

Potential US Vice-President Tim Kaine is ‘honorary’ Cork man who ‘adopted’ Courtmacsherry as his own

THE most likely candidate to become Vice-President of the United States has extensive Cork connections and is often spotted holidaying in Courtmacsherry.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, former Governor of Virginia, who was picked by Hillary Clinton to join her ticket, has been a frequent visitor to west Cork, as well as University College Cork over the past decade. Mr Kaine will be formally ratified at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week.

Family friend, Pádraig Fleming, from Courtmacsherry, was travelling to Philadelphia to see Mr Kaine officially confirmed as Clinton’s running mate, saying there wouldn’t be a prouder Corkman in the world on the night. The vice presidential candidate has been a frequent visitor to Courtmacsherry in recent years, the West Cork haven that he calls his “adopted Irish village”.

Pádraig and Mary Fleming met Mr Kaine’s parents, Al and Kathleen, some 25 years ago and the families have been firm friends ever since. The Flemings are among the most highly regarded families in West Cork tourism with Anchor Bay Cottages known far and wide for its hospitality. As well as Al and Kathleen, it has meant frequent visits to Cork for the Tim Kaine and his wife Anne Holton since they first visited Ireland in 2006.

Mr Fleming said: “There won’t be a prouder Irishman in the US this week than myself. He is a wonderful man who loves coming to Cork. Al and Kathleen have been frequent visitors to Courtmacsherry and have become very dear friends, as have Tim and Anne. Courtmacsherry is Tim’s adopted Irish village.”

Mr Kaine, a 58-year-old Senator, wowed the American electorate at the weekend during his first live address when Ms Clinton unveiled him as her running mate in the November General Election where they will face off against Republican candidate Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence of Indiana.

I never knew ! And I have a summer home in Courtmac This has just become even more personal


Sanders needs to cut Nina Turner loose. We're talking Fatal Distraction. She can't let it go.

Does Kristina Schake stop smiling when off camera ? :) She does a great job in dealing with media.

Reince Priebus hanging round CNN like a bad smell today

and CNN lapping it up, especially Wolfie



The secret life of Tim Kaine, harmonica player, Irish genealogist

Tim has greatness within him !!! His great-grandfather was born in County Longford, 65 miles away from where President Obama's great-great-great grandfather was born (in Moneygall, Co. Offaly). Here's a great article :-

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s pick for Vice President has a secret weapon - his harmonica. When things slow down and a party needs a burst of old fashioned song and hoopla, Kaine forgets his strait laced persona and usually volunteers a tune or two - Johnny Cash numbers are a specialty, especially "Folsom Prison Blues” and gets the toes tapping again.

He picked up his harmonica at the American Ireland Fund dinner, in Washington, in March, where a lively evening was further enlivened when the new Vice President pick for Hillary Clinton took the stage.

He can do Irish, Appalachian, and southern country and he’s the most famous figure, right now, out of Virginia since New York linebacker legend Lawrence Taylor.

Senator Kaine and his wife, Virginia Secretary of Education Anne Holton, make an extraordinary political couple and if they ever make it to the Naval Observatory, the home of the Vice President, they are bound to make an incredible impression.

On the Irish political side of things, Kaine has been a member of The Irish National Caucus since December 2012. The Caucus is a, once controversial, group who put it up to the British on the North often more than the Irish government wanted. They sport a letter on their site from 2012 with Kaine saying he is happy to join them as he arrives in the Senate to serve his first term. They are seen as more hard-line on Ireland than the Congressional Friends of Ireland that Kaine also belongs to, which carries out much of the Irish government's agenda.

Kaine certainly feels Ireland in his heart. During his acceptance speech for The American Ireland Fund Leadership Award, he talked about his family's 2006 trip to Ireland, where they found the ruins of his great-grandfather's cottage in Killashee Parish, in Longford.

See full article here



Paul Manafort: John Kasich is ‘embarrassing’ Ohio

And it continues !

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman on Monday said that Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is scheduled to be in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention but won’t necessarily attend the convention itself, is “embarrassing” the state with his actions.

“He’s making a big mistake,” Mr. Manafort said of Mr. Kasich on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “He’s looking at something that’s not going to happen, he’s hurting his state — he’s embarrassing [the] state, frankly.”

Mr. Kasich’s team put out a list of events the governor plans to attend in and around Cleveland this week that includes events with the Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire delegations. But the former 2016 GOP presidential contender has still refused to endorse Mr. Trump.

“But most of the Republicans who aren’t coming are people who have been part of the past,” Mr. Manafort said. “People who are part of the future of the Republican party are frankly going to be here participating in the program.”

“What we’re trying to accomplish is not to have a heavily laden program of politicians, but the goal of this convention for Donald Trump is to show the rest of the story of who Donald Trump is,” he said.


When does Trump have to submit June Campaign Donations/income to FEC ?

Supposedly it is going be $50m, which took the heat off, but I can only see the May filings submitted on June 22. If it's the same in July, then it falls the day after the GOP convention.
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