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Preet Bharrara's new podcast That Time President Trump Fired Me

I'm listening to That Time President Trump Fired Me (with Leon Panetta) - 20/09/2017 on Stay Tuned with Preet with TuneIn.

#NowPlaying http://tun.in/th8kuV

Trump sends lawyers to to Irish court to have 14k ruling against him thrown out.

Get the popcorn for this one....

Donald Trump sent lawyers to a tiny West of Ireland courthouse on Tuesday in a bid to overturn a €14,000 court judgement against him.

The billionaire US President went head-to-head with civil engineer John V Lennon, who racked up the bill objecting to Trump’s plan for a 200,000-tonne rock barrier at his Co Clare golf resort.

He sent the invoice to the President and when it went unpaid secured a court judgement in June forcing the property magnate to cough up.

But lawyers for the world’s most powerful man asked a judge in Kilrush district court in Clare to set the €14,095 bill aside.

Mr Lennon, from Cork, said he had the court order with him yesterday.

He had previously stated the €14,095 sum arose from work he put into lodging an objection against plans for a “rock wall” at the President’s famous Doonbeg golf course.

Trump later withdrew the barrier plan in favour of a scaled down planning application which is currently before Clare County Council.

Mr Lennon claims the US President wasted his time as he lodged a written six-page objection to the large scale plan.

When the case was called yesterday, barrister Pat Whyms, appearing on behalf of the billionaire, told the judge: “It is my application to set aside judgement.”

He said his application “is dealt with on submissions but there are complex issues and it could take up to 30 minutes”.

Mr Lennon represented himself in court and told Judge Durcan: “An order was made for me to collect €14,095 and €725 costs against Donald J Trump.”


The case was adjourned until December 12 for hearing in Ennis.

Mr Lennon previously clashed with the Trump firm through his involvement in a planned wind-farm at Doonbeg that was shot down by planning appeals chiefs An Bord Pleanala in 2015.

Zuckerberg/2020 and Facebook/Russia. The appalling vista is

What do Facebook know and when did they know it ?

When did Zuckerberg know about Russian interference, using Facebook, and why did he sit on his hands ?

Zuckerberg has been putting out noises of a 2020 run, but his company's inaction in 2016 (and denials up to last week), will come back to haunt him. Perhaps he saw exactly how the Russians worked the data from Facebook, and plans to do the same ?

What was admitted last week WILL be the tip of the iceberg, and the hard questions will be asked whether Facebook knowingly withheld that information from Federal authorities because of the revenue it was bringing in.

One other thing, one would have assumed with in a young Tech company, that there would have been supporters of the Democratic Party who knew what was going on.
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