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Alfa Bank in Mueller Report

Page 146

High Level Encouragement of Contacts through Alternative Channels

As Russian officials in the United States reached out to the President-Elect and his team, a number of Russian individuals working in the private sector began their own efforts to make contact. Petr Aven, a Russian national who heads Alfa-Bank, Russia's largest commercial bank, described to the Office interactions with Putin during this time period that might account for the flurry of Russian activity.

Aven told the Office that he is one of approximately 50 wealthy Russian businessmen who regularly meet with Putin in the Kremlin; these 50 men are often referred to as oligarchs. Aven told the Office that he met on a quarterly basis with Putin, including in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2016, shortly after the U.S. presidential election. Aven said that he took these meetings seriously and understood that any suggestions or critiques that Putin made during these meetings were implicit directives, and that there would be consequences for A ven if he did not follow through.
As was typical, the 2016 Q4 meeting with Putin was preceded by a preparatory meeting with Putin's chief of staff, Anton Vaino.

According to Aven, at his Q4 2016 one-on-one meeting with Putin, Putin raised the prospect that the United States would impose additional sanctions on Russian interests, including sanctions against Aven and/or Alfa-Bank.
Putin suggested that Aven needed to take steps to protect himself and Alfa-Bank.
Aven also testified that Putin spoke of the difficulty faced by the Russian government in getting in touch with the incoming Trump Administration.
According to Aven, Putin indicated that he did not know with whom formally to speak and generally did not know the people around the President-Elect.

Page 147

Aven told Putin he would take steps to protect himself and the Alfa-Bank shareholders from potential sanctions, and one of those steps would be to try to reach out to the incoming Administration to establish a line of communication.
A ven described Putin responding with skepticism about Aven's prospect for success.
According to Aven, although Putin did not expressly direct him to reach out to the Trump Transition Team, Aven understood that Putin expected him to try to respond to the concerns he had raised.

Aven' s efforts are described in Volume I, Section IV.B.5,infra.

2. Kirill Dmitriev's Transition-Era Outreach to the Incoming Administration Aven's description of his interactions with Putin is consistent with the behavior of Kirill Dmitriev, a Russian national who heads Russia's sovereign wealth fund and is closely connected to Putin. Dmitriev undertook efforts to meet members of the incoming Trump Administration in the months after the election. Dmitriev asked a close business associate who worked for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) royal court, George Nader, to introduce him to Trump transition officials, and Nader eventually arranged a meeting in the Seychelles between Dmitriev and Erik Prince, a Trump Campaign supporter and an associate of Steve Bannon.
In addition, the UAE national security advisor introduced Dmitriev to a hedge fund manager and friend of Jared Kushner, Rick Gerson, in late November 2016. In December 2016 and January 2017, Dmitriev and Gerson worked on a proposal for reconciliation between the United States and Russia, which Dmitriev implied he cleared through Putin. Gerson provided that proposal to Kushner before the inauguration, and Kushner later gave copies to Bannon and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

a Background
Dmitriev is a Russian national who was appointed CEO of Russia's sovereign wealth fund, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), when it was founded in 2011.
Dmitriev reported directly to Putin and frequently referred to Putin as his boss.
RDIF has co-invested in various projects with UAE sovereign wealth funds.
Dmitriev regularly interacted with Nader, a senior advisor to UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (Crown Prince Mohammed), in connection with RDIF s dealings with the UAE.
Putin wanted Dmitriev to be in charge of both the financial and the political relationship between Russia and the Gulf states, in part because Dmitriev had been educated in the West and spoke English fluently.
Nader considered Dmitriev to be Putin s interlocutor in the Gulf region, and would relay Dmitriev s views directly to Crown Prince Mohammed.
Nader developed contacts with both U.S. presidential campaigns during the 2016 election, and kept Dmitriev abreast of his efforts to do so.
According to Nader, Dmitriev said that his and the government of Russia s preference was for candidate Trum to win and asked Nader to assist him in meetin members of the Trum Campaign.
Nader did not introduce Dmitriev to anyone associated with the Trump Campaign before the election.

Page 163

5. Petr Aven's Outreach Efforts to the Transition Team In December 2016, weeks after the one-on-one meeting with Putin described in Volume I, Section IV.B.1.b, supra

Petr Aven attended what he described as a separate "all-hands" oligarch meeting between Putin and Russia's most prominent businessmen.
As in Aven's one-on-one meeting, a main topic of discussion at the oligarch meeting in December 2016 was the prospect of forthcoming U.S. economic sanctions.

After the December 2016 all-hands meeting, A ven tried to establish a connection to the Trump team. A ven instructed Richard Burt to make contact with the incoming Trump Administration. Burt was on the board of directors for LetterOne
(L 1 , another company headed by Aven, and had done work for Alfa-Bank.

Burt had previously served as U.S. ambassador to Germany and Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs, and one of his primary roles with Alfa-Bank and Ll was to facilitate introductions to business contacts in the United States and other Western countries.
While at a Ll board meeting held in Luxembourg in late December 2016, Aven pulled Burt aside and told him that he had spoken to someone high in the Russian government who expressed

AKIN_GUMP_BERKOWITZ_00000ll (12/19/16 Text Message, Ivanchenko to Berkowitz (9:56 a.m.)).
AKIN_GUMP_BERKOWITZ_00000ll-15 (12/19/16 -2/16/17 Text Messages, Ivanchenko&Berkowitz).
AKIN_GUMP_BERKOWITZ_00000lS (2/8/17 Text Message, Ivanchenko to Berkowitz (10:41 a.m.)).
Berkowitz 3/22/18 302, at 4-5.
Aven 8/2/18 302, at 6; Burt 2/9/18 302, at 2. 163

Let's remember, THIS is what Barr allowed to seen publicly. Surely there is hotter stuff that is

redacted, that shouldn't be, which would make things a lot clearer in the questions we have ?

Julian Assange to be expelled from Ecuadorian Embassy within hours after UK deal.

The WikiLeaks founder has been in the London building since 2012 after seeking asylum there as Swedish police wanted to question him over allegations of sexual assault and rape. WikiLeaks tweeted on Thursday night: “A high-level source within the Ecuadorian state has told WikiLeaks that Julian Assange will be expelled within 'hours to days' using the INA papers offshore scandal as a pretext and that it already has an agreement with the UK for his arrest.” Mr Assange is wanted by American authorities for his role in publishing secret US documents.

According to The Guardian, Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno, said Mr Assange had “repeatedly violated” some of the conditions of his asylum.

Mr Moreno said that “Assange cannot lie or, much less, hack into private accounts or private phones”. Mr Assange was also ordered by Ecuador to not “intervene in the politics of countries, or worse friendly countries”. The president claims that photos of his bedroom, wife and family were circulated online, although he didn’t accuse Mr Assange of doing this.


What happens to all that money raised, if a candidate pulls out ?

I mean you can't give it back, or if you can, do you give it back proportionately ?

Brexit: Theresa May to ask EU for further extension, seeks Labour's help.

Theresa May will ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit deadline to "break the logjam" in Parliament.

The PM says she wants to meet Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to agree a plan on the future relationship with the EU.

But she insisted her withdrawal agreement - which was voted down last week - would remain part of the deal.

Mrs May said she wanted the extension to be "as short as possible" - before 22 May so the UK does not have to take part in European elections.

The UK has until 12 April to propose a plan - which must be accepted by the EU - or it will leave without a deal.

The UK was supposed to leave the EU on 29 March, but Mrs May agreed a short extension after realising Parliament would not agree a deal by the deadline.


If she and Mr Corbyn do not agree a single way forward, she proposed putting a number of options to MPs "to determine which course to pursue".

So now she's trying to tie Labour in, but Corbyn has not been in favour of helping her out of the stew. In the probable likelihood of no labour help, then her options will be even more limited with the April 12 deadline looming.

There was a rumour circulating on Irish radio this morning that she might offer Corbyn a deal, a Confirmation Referendum which contained her Withdrawal Agreement including Customs Area versus Remain. One to watch.

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