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It's About The Jersey ... Inclusion in Ireland #thatoneday

Former Irish International Rugby Player Tommy Bowe, goes to Westmeath to meet Boidu Sayeh & to find out what #ThatOneDay means to Boidu and the Westmeath Senior Football Team..

The Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland is one of the main focal points in every town and village here, and is a great way for those coming to this country, to integrate.

Ireland bars Christian fundamentalist pastor from entering country

An anti-gay US Christian fundamentalist pastor who has been accused of Holocaust denial has become the first person to be barred from entering Ireland under a 20-year-old immigration law. Steven Anderson was due to travel to Dublin on 26 May to preach in the city, but the Irish justice minister, Charlie Flanagan, took the unusual step to ban him from coming into the country.

More than 14,000 people signed an online petition set up by the Christian gay rights campaign group Changing Attitude Ireland calling on the Irish government to block Anderson’s trip to the country. The organisation claimed that in the past he had “advocated exterminating LGBT+ people”. Confirming the barring order under the 1999 Immigration Act, Flanagan said: “I have signed the exclusion order under my executive powers in the interest of public policy.” It is the first time the Irish government has used the legislation to bar anyone from the country.

The US preacher has said he prays at night for Barack Obama to die. He also posted praise online for the gunman who murdered 49 people at an LGBT nightclub in Florida in 2016. In the same year Anderson was deported from Botswana after saying in an interview with a local radio station that gay people should be killed.


The gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell welcomed the Irish government’s decision. “His glorification of mass murder crosses a red line. It is more than mere hate. Ireland is right to ban him.”


Ireland : Health Minister Simon Harris seeks AG's advice on making child vaccination mandatory

Harris seeks AG’s advice on making child vaccination mandatory

Minister for Health Simon Harris has sought the advice of Attorney General Seamus Woulfe on whether it is possible to make it mandatory for children to be vaccinated if they attend schools or crèches. The request comes as a United Nations report warned that the number of measles cases in Ireland had increased more than three-fold and that millions of children worldwide are missing out on the measles vaccine. The report says the number of Irish measles cases has risen by 244 per cent, from 25 in 2017 to 86 last year. So far this year in Ireland there have been 48 cases of measles, a highly contagious disease that can kill or cause blindness, deafness or brain damage.


“We obviously have a written constitution and we obviously need to take legal advice in relation to what we can and can’t do legislatively in this country,” Mr Harris said. “I haven’t made any firm decisions yet or consulted Government colleagues on the matter but I do feel very strongly about it.

“I feel there is something irresponsible and that is against the public good sending an unvaccinated child into a school, into a crèche or into a public place where they could actually make other children sick, particularly young babies who might be too young to actually get vaccinated, who could then end up with a very significant disease and also vulnerable groups in our community.”


In 2017, the Irish vaccination rate was estimated to be 92 per cent, up from 86 per cent in 2009. However, vaccination rates have fallen slightly in recent years. Peter Power, the Unicef Ireland chief executive, warned that measles would “always find unvaccinated children” and that the foundations for the ongoing global measles outbreak were laid years ago. “If we are serious about averting the spread of this dangerous but preventable disease, we need to vaccinate every child, in rich and poor countries alike.” Dr Lucy Jessop, head of the HSE national immunisation office, warned that one case of measles could infect up to 18 people and that the only protection was the MMR vaccine.


Neal Katyal suggests again today: De-fund AG Barr's salary and the AG Office.

In light of the Barr display yesterday, it is clear he will ignore the subpoena, brush off a contempt of Congress, and attempt to force Dems to go down the impeachment process. There is another option, and one I thought was a waste of time a month ago. It's not sounding so far out there now.....

2:48 mark

De-funding the Attorney General of the United States is a legitimate and respectable tool Congress could use to at least curtail lawlessness on the part of the Attorney General and his office? Yes.

” [Taxpayers]...shouldn’t pay for...this lawlessness.” Indeed.

Despite inevitable caterwauling and wailings of “Partisanship! Cheaters!” by the GOP, Congress should absolutely set these gears in motion while they still can and educate the American people as to why.

1. Bill Barr lied, and continues to lie, about the Mueller Report. That much is clear now that it has been parsed through and reported on. Does he think Americans are stupid? Yes.

2. Bill Barr refuses to release the full, unreacted Mueller Report to the other equal branch of government—Congress—because he knows most Americans don’t realize that it is Constitutionally required.

3. Bill Barr is threatening to stonewall Congress yet again, by refusing to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee because he disagrees with their “format,” i.e., he does not want to be questioned by Democratic lawyers.

4. Trump, Barr, and former Acting AG Rod Rosenstein, are thumbing their noses at the People—Congress—in their quest to to seize power. If the House doesn’t act the AG Office/DOJ may start “investigating” members of Congress to delegitimize Congress even further

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