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Rugby : Ireland beat New Zealand All Blacks 32-22, 2nd week in a row and

win the series 2-1 !!!

It is a magnificent sporting milestone in the history of the country.

They beat them, and deserved to beat them.

New Zealand had not lost a test series since 1994 and Ireland have become only the fourth to do so in nearly 120 years

RTE news : Sensational Ireland cap off series win v All Blacks


The New Europeans I Europe At A Crossroads - ARTE.tv Documentary

Really excellent documentary. I can understand the anger/resentment of the guy in Redcar, but how often people like that vote against their best interests. 70% of voters there, voted for Brexit, which was entirely against their own self interest. Immigrants are not their enemy but politicians who have continually paid lip service to the poorest areas of Britain, for decades. I remember visiting a village in the valleys of Wales, during the 90s, where they had almost 90% unemployment. They were being left to rot by their government.


This feels like an Icarus moment, with RWNJs getting what they

dreamed of for decades. However this relied on the actual majority being asleep at the alarm bells being sounded by the likes of Planned Parenthood over the last decade.

One added bonus in the fightback is that the LBGTQ community will realize that they're coming for them next, and join in, so I believe there will be a massive energy to overturn this insidious chapter.

The actual majority need to get off their butts.

One positive, in Ireland in the early 80s the 8th amendment to our Constitution copper fastened the ban on abortion by a 2 to 1 majority. At the same time divorce was banned, homosexuality was a criminal offence and the country was repressed by the Catholic Church. Now, divorce is legal, homosexuality was decriminalised, the Catholic Church is hugely on the decline (not enough) and abortion was legalized by a 2 to 1 majority, by repealing the 8th.

This can be done in the US too, but you need a broad coalition across the moderate/liberal/prochoice/LGBTQ community to not only sort out abortion but give the RWNJs a kicking at the ballot box that they'll never recover from.

Exit Polls Show Opposition Ahead in Slovenian Election : Good News


LJUBLJANA, Slovenia (AP) — Exit polls in Slovenia’s parliamentary vote Sunday suggested a strong lead for the opposition liberals over the ruling right-wing populists of Prime Minister Janez Jansa.

The polls conducted by the Mediana polling agency and published by public broadcaster TV Slovenia and commercial Pop TV showed the opposition Freedom Movement winning 35.8% support compared with the ruling conservative Slovenian Democratic Party with 22.5%.

Trailing behind the top two contenders were New Slovenia party with 6.8%, followed by Social Democrats with 6.6% and the Left party with 4.4%.

If confirmed in an official tally, the result means that the Freedom Movement, a newcomer in the election, stands a better chance of forming the next government in a coalition with smaller center-left groups — a blow to Jansa, a populist who was accused of pushing the country to the right while in power.

Jansa is Trump admirer, so screw him.

Johnson attended fundraiser with Russian linked donor as Russia

Invaded Ukraine. He's such a bucket of excrement.

EXCLUSIVE: PM attended a secret Tory fundraising dinner attended by at least one donor with Russian links on the night Putin invade Ukraine

He told the approx 75 attendees he needed to leave early to deal with the crisis. Gove and Wallace also there



Irish TV journalist tears into Russian ambassador to Ireland


Sweet stuff

The full @mcculld interview with the Russian Ambassador to Ireland https://t.co/kvST4au6A6
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