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This feels like an Icarus moment, with RWNJs getting what they

dreamed of for decades. However this relied on the actual majority being asleep at the alarm bells being sounded by the likes of Planned Parenthood over the last decade.

One added bonus in the fightback is that the LBGTQ community will realize that they're coming for them next, and join in, so I believe there will be a massive energy to overturn this insidious chapter.

The actual majority need to get off their butts.

One positive, in Ireland in the early 80s the 8th amendment to our Constitution copper fastened the ban on abortion by a 2 to 1 majority. At the same time divorce was banned, homosexuality was a criminal offence and the country was repressed by the Catholic Church. Now, divorce is legal, homosexuality was decriminalised, the Catholic Church is hugely on the decline (not enough) and abortion was legalized by a 2 to 1 majority, by repealing the 8th.

This can be done in the US too, but you need a broad coalition across the moderate/liberal/prochoice/LGBTQ community to not only sort out abortion but give the RWNJs a kicking at the ballot box that they'll never recover from.
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