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Name: Fuckstick
Gender: Non-binary
Hometown: Neverworld
Home country: Ditto
Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 08:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,115

Journal Archives

About that Dump video they're going to play at the hurricane relief concert

I saw part of it on CNN (I can never watch more than a minute of Dumpie). Hilarious!

Featuring strange, would be "hip" camerawork alternating between full-on orange face and side shots so we can study how truly bizarre that hair helmet is while he harps on about "unity" and expresses his deep gratitude to the other presidents, all delivered in that ridiculous monotone he uses when he is forced to say something he doesn't care about. I hope the camerapeople cut to a shot of the former presidents reacting to this idiot by rolling their eyes...and taking the knee!

Of course he wouldn't be there tonight. Face-to-face with Clinton and Obama? Please. Even Shrub, who drank his milkshake this week? And remember, he's a coward who only bullies people in 140 characters.

Dems must stop this Republican "agenda"

At every turn and reveal the Pukes for what they are -- craven, earth-destroying, Nazi scumbags. And when the bloated orange circus peanut BLOTUS comes to get all bipartisan with them, they should piss on him, too. Oh, wait. That's what he likes, right?

That vomitous presser Fat Ass had with McLipless today. All the shit they want to pass is nothing the majority of the country wants. Nothing.

Quick, somebody carve a swastika into Eric Beach's head

Now on Hardball. What an asshole. Wrapping himself in the flag, phony as shit.

With all this awfulness that's going on, the Orange Anus

Wants to scream about fake news? Fuck you, worthless asshole. Real terrible thing are happening in the world that have nothing to do with your rancid, narcissistic ass. I'm not interested in hearing about you becoming "presidential," just because you can read some braindead speech in Las Vegas after fucking over the people in Puerto Rico. The government should man (and woman) up and kick your fetid, hideous ass to the curb now.

The more-or-less mainstream media is getting somewhat nastier but they should also man (and woman) up and reject this piece of shit right now. No tiptoeing.

Repukes' thoughts and prayers

Are wearing a little thin, aren't they? And the fact that they're 100 percent behind this orange piece of shit squatting (literally) in the White House is also telling, isn't it? And they won't condemn the NRA? We're in a handbasket to hell, my friends, unless this can be stopped.
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