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Profile Information

Name: Fuckstick
Gender: Non-binary
Hometown: Neverworld
Home country: Ditto
Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 08:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,115

Journal Archives

Jesus, Steve Korn-who-lie or whatever

Piss off! Spin your depressing election charts up your ass, you jacked-up little fuck.

UPDATE: Not only is he irritating, he's a ratings-grabbing Log Cabin asshole. Don't get mad at me, get mad at the reporters who have the responsibility of delivering the news about this dangerous, dangerous misadministration.

The Dump administration is imploding

Those awful things he said; the violence; "fake media"; the forced unwanted trip to Pittsburgh; and now Mueller. Fat Ass must be dreading flying back to DC. Good!

Update: And The Roger Stone/Julian Assange tapes!

Fuck you, Dump

Gee, he's all impassioned (well, as impassioned as he can get) about today's horrible anti-Semitic attack.



Sing songy bastard

I wanna salute the (yawn) FBi....for (yawn) finding the bomber (yawn). Notice he's so sleepy and he doesn't snort because he's not coked up for this shit.

He IS the enemy of the people. Fucking scumbag. Ancient Orange. Shitler.

And Mitch McLipless is still working to take Medicare away

Fuck you, you old bastard. What are you going to do with the money? Is there a high-roller casino in hell, you piece of shit????

Dump "didn't see his face on the van"

Fucking lying scum.

Nicolle Wallace just played a montage

Of previous presidents condemning terrorism (both parties) in stark contrast to Dumpster Diver Donnie, who celebrates it.

Dumpster has been ordered to set up a banana republic

He's not doing it himself. He's a fucking idiot.

The media is still equivocating too much

All the talking heads wondering if Dump will find the strength to lead the country, or unite the country, or condemn the terrorists and white supremacists....blah bah blah...

He's Pootie and the Puke Party's Terminator, and he's doing exactly what he's being paid to do. Period. We need to bring the orange piece of shit down, not wonder over and over again if he's going to transform into the "leader we need."

A leader? Really? There's orange coming out of his skin...orange coming out of his whatever.

How many MAGATs are buying Dump's fearmongering?

All the shit he's spewing is a direct assault on freedom. He's also provoking violence and not from us "Democrat mobs." He needs to be locked up!
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