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Member since: Mon Nov 7, 2016, 05:59 AM
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Trouble breathing with my mask while working and how to wear a mask with head straps

I have started teaching in person. Wearing n95 which are duck bill but which have head bands. They are much better for breathing but since covid and with my asthma I have more trouble even with these in the work setting. . I am using my inhaler before I go into the building but in one class I was very out of breath and bg was crashing too. . Any ideas on how to get through 3 months of this until I will then hopefully go back to online only?

The other issue is the headbands, I donít like them, with glasses on a band, keys on a band it is very hard to do, they mess up your hair etc. So far I am putting one band over my ears under my hair and one at the base of my head. Another issue is glasses fogging up. Fortunately it is dry there mostly and it only happened once so far.
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