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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 04:57 PM
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Trump clearly compromises U.S.national security

yet there's few GOP politicians rushing to disown him.Remember when the GOP touted their patriotism?

But her e-mails!

The first FIFTEEN boxes of docs

recovered from MAL themselves constitute a crime. Start the indictments there.


Why only Mar a Lago ?

Wouldn't you execute multiple search warrants on any suspect with multiple residences? Must have been specific targets based on specific intel?
As Swalwell pointed out, Trump could simply show us the warrant.

Defending the IRS expansion

will now be critical. Make sure every voter knows why we need another 87,000 tax auditors to collect legitimately owed taxes.

"Today, the “tax gap”—the difference between taxes that are owed and collected—totals around $600 billion annually and will mean approximately $7 trillion of lost tax revenue over the next decade.
Sep 7, 2021"
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