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Eliot Rosewater

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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 11:41 AM
Number of posts: 30,155

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Ants, help...

I am using Windex per the pest control co that will be here tomorrow, said not to use raid.

Using Terror liquid ant baits...lemon juice, bay leaves.

Any other suggestions? They are in the house in several rooms.
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Mon Aug 31, 2020, 12:31 PM (34 replies)

Which of these 4 laptops would be the fastest as in surfing from site to site, loading pages

watching Netflix, etc?

I just bought the HP and not as fast as I would like (loading websites, going from one site to the other is all I do, that and watch video like Youtube/Netflix), I listed my HP here...they are all SSD and Intel 10th generation other than the HP

LG gram 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop - 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 - 1080p...Memory (RAM) 16 GB...512 GB SSD...integrated graphics


LG gram 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop - 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10510U - 1080p...Integrated Graphics...Memory (RAM) 16 GB...1.0 TB SSD...
HP Envy x360 15.6" Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop - AMD Ryzen 5 4500U - 1080p...8GM Memory (RAM)...512 GB SSD...AMD Ryzen 5 (only one with this, is this slower than Intel Core I-7?)...Graphic card AMD Radeon...
New Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Touchscreen Laptop - 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H - GeForce GTX 1650 - Windows 10 Professional...1.0 TB SSD...16 GB Memory...

BTW I just opened this up on EDGE instead of CHROME...I use CHROME...so far EDGE much faster...hmmm...
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Sun Aug 23, 2020, 05:19 PM (13 replies)

Friend forwarded, how to go around voting BY MAIL...

Good advice for people who feel unsafe about voting in person but now fear the USPS will be unable to deliver a “mail-in” ballot in a timely fashion.

There is a way around it:

1. Request a mail-in ballot.
2. After you've filled it out, do not mail it.
3. Google your supervisor of elections to see where you can drop off your mail-in ballot. It’s usually NOT THE POLLING PLACE. All states allow this!

Here is what you're accomplishing by doing this:
1. You're not relying on the USPS to get your ballot in on time, so no matter what, your ballot gets in on time.
2. You don't have to worry about standing in long lines and risking infection. You're just stopping by to drop it off.
3. You still voted! Hooray!
Also, when you drop it off find out how to track it online to make sure it is verified. California, Oregon, Washington Colorado have systems that can track your ballot just like tracking a package from Amazon.

and another person added this

Also, our experience is that if you walk it in to the polling place on election day you don't have to wait in line. You can just walk it in. Not sure if that's everywhere, and don't know if things will change with Covid, but we've done that in WA and CA for the last 20 years.
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Sat Aug 15, 2020, 03:48 PM (13 replies)

USB C to lightning cable and USB C Charger questsions.

Originally I asked about most powerful WIRELESS charger for Apple, and found out the answer is there isnt one other than 7.5 W.

I also found out that allegedly iPhone 12 and on there will be no jack to plug chargers into (what is that called on the phone where you plug chargers into?) that ALL from that point forward will be only wireless. That is what Anker told me.

Anyway I am told to have the fasted iPhone X or 11 charger is to have the following:

USB C to Lightning Cable

USB C Charger, Anker 18W PIQ 3.0 Compact Fast Charger Adapter (doesnt have to be Anker of course)

And this is all you need and the USB C to lightning cable is NOT the basic cable you get from Apple when you buy a phone? Right?

So if I have the above two items I can fast charge my iPhone with 18 W of charge. Right?


On the cable, my confusion is I bought an end table that has a fast charger in it and I use the original lightning cable that came with the phone. Is it called lightning as that is the name for the iPhone only cable as it is different from all other cables?

WHAT is the cable that comes standard with an iphone, USB C or not, or what?
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Sat Aug 15, 2020, 01:18 PM (0 replies)

USPS needs 25 billion for voting and staying open? Bezos personally makes this in 3 days

Can someone ask him to help save the nation, maybe the WORLD with what is actually pocket change to him, please?

And is there a way he can give it to them and not have the GOP fascist killers stop him?
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Fri Aug 14, 2020, 08:37 PM (12 replies)

Oh heck, even Rachel is alleging that the UNTHINKABLE could be coming maybe because

why not, so far they have done everything unthinkable.

Oh well...
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Thu Aug 13, 2020, 09:17 PM (31 replies)

Postmaster is removing mailboxes...


This is a war...no different to me than the russians coming in with tanks and parking them next to our postal system and telling us we are not voting..

Residents of Portland and Eugene were alarmed this week to see some U.S. Postal Service mailboxes removed from neighborhood streets and hauled away in flatbed trucks.

The sight of mailboxes being carted off caused concern in light of recent comments by President Donald Trump about cutting Postal Service funding. Trump has also criticized voting by mail.

But a Postal Service spokesperson said declining mail volume means the Postal Service is removing “duplicate” boxes from areas that have multiple collection boxes. The USPS confirmed that four mailboxes were removed in Portland this week.

He is lying, there is not a decline in the mail.
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Thu Aug 13, 2020, 08:55 PM (16 replies)

Depressing day at lab, about young voter...

Getting lab work done, I am wearing t shirt

with picture of ugly raging rump and it says Chingue Su Madre Trump

Fuck your mother trump it translates to..

20 something lab person sees it, understands it and chuckles and says she likes it. I use that as an opportunity to ask her if she is going to vote.

She says not sure, maybe, doesnt know much about the election, candidates.
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Thu Aug 13, 2020, 08:46 PM (8 replies)

How do we get the message to the 60 million democratic party voters who dont do political message

boards what the safe, certain ways are to get their votes in and on time and counted?

I dont know what those ways are since criminals are decimating the USPS, but what can we do?

Can we get someone to pay for prime time PSA's explaining how to get your vote in and not die from the virus doing it?
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Thu Aug 13, 2020, 05:26 PM (8 replies)

What happens, in ANY presidential election, if on lets say October 15th

as in 3 weeks prior to election, with all the ballots made up or whatever (I am sincerely asking for the experts to tell me what happens) and for ANY reason the candidate for president on EITHER party ticket is unable to continue?

Forget why, forget which party this is happening to; for instance if 3 weeks prior to election the candidate for prez for X party disappears on a spaceship with aliens from another planet (trying to make this simple, generic and not complicated) what happens?

Does the VP candidate on that ticket become the P candidate if the party says that is what they want, or what happens, please someone tell me.
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Thu Aug 13, 2020, 04:43 PM (41 replies)
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