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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
April 16, 2022

Iron deficiency anemia...need to learn about this.

My SO has this, severe loss of breath and other symptoms. Just got home from 2 days in hospital, they did a transfusion and gave her iron IV and home now taking Ferrous Gluconate Tablets 324 mg twice a day.

The blood test numbers are:

RBC 3.29 L (went up to 3.67 after hospital visit and transfusion and iron IV)

Hemoglobin 7.1 (went up to 8.4, normal for her in the past 14.0)

Hematocrit 25.6% (went up to 28.6% post hospital)

Ferritin 3 (no further testing)

NT-proBNP 567 (went down to 426)

Not sure what other numbers I should provide, I have tons of tests here. Hoping someone here can give me their experiences and other than red meat and other known high iron foods, what are you doing to get better?

I guess if the hemoglobin number is under 8 you shouldn't fly without supplemental oxygen? We have a trip soon, not sure what to do.

Gladly accept any input, it is all new to us. Thanks...(CRAVES ice and chews on it all day)

Of course we are following up with docs and more tests and will ask many questions, just thought I would talk to folks about experiences.

April 15, 2022

DeJoy is staying then?

I am no reacting to anything I read today, I just assume this is the case for the obvious reason.

It will make it near impossible to win elections when mailed ballots are purposely withheld, I am getting angry.

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