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Gender: Male
Hometown: Denver Colo.
Home country: United States
Current location: Louisville Ky
Member since: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 06:00 PM
Number of posts: 1,434

Journal Archives

I'm starting to worry about my mental state

As the title suggests I am becoming concerned because well because I've started to think unthinkable things. Horrible terrible things. Such as . the hateful rhetoric spewing from the right threatening violence to Liberals and anyone not as crazy as they are. We have trillions of bullets they say . impeach trump and its civil war they threaten the Press is the enemy of the people spewed daily and constantly. Could all this be a concerted propaganda push to get us to start defending ourselves? When chump and his 1% cohorts drive their minions to a frenzy and they start , well step up their attacks, on us and we push back.... will that be all that's needed for chump and mcturtle to declare martial law and suspend the constitution completely? Are we TRULY in the midst of a slow motion coup?

It bothers me that these thoughts creep into my head.

I am disheartened to say the least

I've just about come to grips with seeing the music/songs of my youth being used to shill products in commercials. Almost. So many of the iconic songs I grew up with have been/are being used that its kind of hard to reconcile what they "stood for" and what they now "stand for". I watch very little to no tv so this may be even more prevalent than I know but..... Sympathy for the Devil/Rolling Stones, Won't get Fooled Again/The Who etc broke my heart when first viewed to promote corporate interests. But I have to say that the Super Bowl ad for Budweiser using Blowing in the Wind/Bob Dylan was cause for a tear in my eye. That song USED to mean, at least to me, a stance that was counter to everything that Budweiser and the corporate state stood for. Hearing it used in a freaking beer commercial was just too much. The disillusionment is real and very depressing I must say. Does this "bother" anyone but me or am I just too wedded to the past?

At least Neil Young has stood firm and I applaud him for this.

Just had a thought.... i.e New Caravan of Refugees


Just now read that there's another "caravan" of asylum seekers starting out from Honduras. If truly refugees I welcome them myself But I have to wonder why there's another. The "welcome" (snark) they have received so far has SURELY been reported in Honduras as well as the rest of Central America. Who is organizing these? Why now?

My paranoid thoughts have been turning towards .. could this caravan have been organized by trumpist supporters to embarrass us and/or as fodder for the trumpist base to get all riled up? A ploy to strip more centrist voters to support the crazy wall? Just a thought.


Source: UPI et al.

"Donald is right and I agree with him," Putin said in his annual meeting with reporters. "If the U.S. decided to withdraw its contingent, it has done the right thing. We see no signs of withdraw, but we admit that this is possible, especially since we are moving along the path of a political settlement."

Read more: https://www.upi.com/Putin-on-Trump-decision-to-leave-Syria-Donald-is-right/4811545309652/#ixzz5aFb4AeHi

Read more: https://www.upi.com/Putin-on-Trump-decision-to-leave-Syria-Donald-is-right/4811545309652/

"Donald"? I thought everyone KNEW our chump-in-chief hates to be called "Donald". Putin is just trolling him now in my opinion. He knows what he and his Intelligence agencies have on "Donald" and that "Donald" is scared crapless that it will come out. Add this to the fact that Putin has let his mole (one of them anyway) Maria Butina meet with Mueller and we have "The Donald" screaming at night. Personally, I think its great.

A Question to any participants in the March For Our Lives marches...

I was answering/replying to another thread when something "clicked" in my head. I recall seeing something along these lines in a news article but while writing my comment the question really gelled. I went to Louisville's MFOL rally and was struck by how many older people , like me, were there. Had a few nice conversations but that's beside the point. At Louisville at least we had many many young people, high school and younger and many of us gray heads but not many in between those two "extremes". Very few and I mean VERY FEW 20/30 somethings were in attendance. My main question is : was it same at other events? We had terrible weather here for ours, cold and rain for the whole day but that didn't stop the kids and the grandparents from showing up. Where were the 20/30's?

I guess a secondary question would be, how can we motivate these people to come out?

NO Mr. Carter NO! Has Jimmy lost his mind?

..... I worked a phone bank in Colorado as a volunteer to help him get elected President. I've admired him ever since for the work he does for Habitat for Humanity. I've always had his back when talking about him and his Presidency. But this........ this I cannot stomach. I can only surmise that the Chemo has taken a toll. I am most disillusioned to say the least. NO, Mr. Carter NO! NO the pretender who sits in the oval office does NOT deserve to finish his term. He DOES need to be impeached. He DOES NOT "deserve the benefit of the doubt"!!!!! A sad day for me, especially after the uplifting I got from the MFOL rally yesterday.

"But my own preference would be that he not be impeached, but that he be able to serve out his term, because I think he wants to do a good job. And I'm willing to help him, if I can help him, and give him the benefit of the doubt." From his interview on CBS Sunday Morning. SMH


What is wrong? TLS

Yesterday and today I have been unable to even get to this site due to a "TLS" issue. My browsers Edge, FireFox and even IE 11 just flat out REFUSE to let me come here due to the TLS thing. I'm here on Vivaldi but have no idea how long THAT will last. What's up? Have the owner(s) forgotten to get a certificate signed? I'm at a loss as this is only happening here and well, one other site I must admit.

I've went into Internet Properties and repeatedly checked and unchecked every possible combination there is of the TLS protocols, including unchecking/checking them all. And yes, restarted my browser(s) each time.

As you under attack? Have you forgotten something? I kind of find it hard to believe that its something on my end as it only pertains to this and one other.

Didn't Puerto Rico .....

..... vote to become a State for the first time here recently? Could THAT be the "reason" our chump in chief and his acolytes have wasted time sending help? For the slamming of them on Fox and other right wing "news" sites? They vote pretty heavily democratic, correct? After this fiasco of letting them suffer and die while calling them lazy and/or whiners I doubt they are looking at "us" in the same way. Guess what I'm trying to say is........ is the (non)response to Maria a calculated thing? To keep another blue State from coming into being?

I've exhausted every RATIONAL idea I can come up with, could this be true?

I really needed to see this right about now ........

For the last hour or so I've been glued to reports about Florida/Irma. The suffering and fear were/are bad enough to see but then I went to the Twitter Irma thread and was sickened by the Trumpists/nutjobs posting racist things. By the pictures/videos of the abandoned pets. By the self serving politicians posting their crocodile tears. I was just about done in with sadness and disgust with the human race, I HAD to get away! ...... Then...... well then my first page after leaving all that horridness I saw this :


....and my faith in humanity was restored, at least to a certain extent. If we as a species can produce little girls like this then maybe, just MAYBE we do have some redeeming values. You GO little Amiah ! You'll never know but you helped more than your classmate(s) with your selfless actions. You helped an old cynical man smile and feel good about humanity again. At least for awhile. Thank you

How can I stop ....

... the drop down box that shows up when I start typing in the thread title box? Its "saved" every one I've replied to and its getting mighty long. (and annoying!) You know.... like the "suggestions" in a browser as you start typing in a search. Thank you in advance!
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