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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2017, 05:53 PM
Number of posts: 31,259

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I just early voted in the Florida Democratic Primary.

Seems like lite-steady, three people were leaving when I came up. There was one person getting a ballot when I stepped into the voting place. Immediately got taken care of, the poll person found my name in ~10 seconds. The ballot took another ~10 seconds to print out. Went to the voting booth. Joe Biden's name was the second one down, in alphabetical order after Michael Bennetts' name. Voted for Joe. Took the ballot to the optical scanner, it scanned and stored the ballot, and acknowledged my vote. All in all, voting took just under 1 minute. When I left I noticed four more people showing up.

Before the night gets too late. Thank you to the eight people that gave me a heart.

Take care, have a good year and we win BIG in November.

The winner of the Iowa Caucus tonight?

Mike Bloomberg. He chose to ignore it. The mess that took place won't help our other candidates.

Does anyone know much about the UAW spending allegations?

Looks like the interim guy Rory Gamble is clean, but he may need to clean up the board, a potential tough task.

I stumbled on the story and find it all disconcerting. The job of leadership should be laser focus on member needs, look like some higher-ups compromised that. One of my concerns is this situation will allow anti-Union politicians to make unfounded charges in hopes of getting something to stick.

I don't know whether this is the right forum, but here goes.

I just discovered something that should have been obvious. But my guess is most people have not realized how this aspect of their physiology works. I didn't realize until my capacity to do something routine was almost taken away.

My entire family has a problem with uric acid generation and storage in our bodies. So we occasionally have bout of gout and tendinitis. We control the problem with medication, but I don't like using the prescription MEDs, so I had basically stopped using them for about a year. Then, out of the blue, I had a fierce attack that basically rendered my right knee useless. I am right-handed and pretty much all my attacks are on my rightside, so much so that I have learned to and even do some intimate things with my left hand, because I have learned that the left will always work in a difficult situation.

But this time the right knee was basically incapacitated for around four days. To make matters worse, I had not properly coordinated my Scripts with my new Doctor of about 6 months, an excellent Doctor. So I could not run to the pharmacy to get refills because I had no prescription. So, I was at home movement incapacitated, communicating as needed with key people by phone. I got my Script issue worked out by calling my Doctor's office and talking to his nurse.

What I learned other than that I was stupid not to use my Scipts the way they are intended to work, was that a person seem to start every thing from their dominate side. When I tried to walk I found that I could not easily do so because my right knee was rendered almost inoperable. What I saw is that to start a step process, I always had to move first with my right leg, then pull the left leg past and forward, I couldn't walk any other way. To me, it now seems that a right-handed person always lead with the right leg from a standing position, while a left-handed person leads with the left leg in a similar situation. Like I said, it all should have been obvious, but to me it was a revelation.

During my down time I read up in detail on nutrition, because I suspected that something that I recently ate put my uric acid levels over the critical threshold. I also read up on what I could do regularly to helpless knock the levels down, Vitamin C turns out to be a powerful aid, one can get that through drinking a glass of orange juice each day, or with supplements. What set off my attack? Surprisingly, I think that it was a large batch of "organic" apples that I consumed just before the attack. I don't eat beef regularly because it kicks up my uric acid levels. I think that maybe the organic fertilizer for the apples may have been cow manure, my best guess, and that purines from the cow manure transferred to the apples. Purines are the building blocks for uric acid. I also learned that I need to pay more attention to what I buy, even when the stuff is pricier "health food". I am ok now, I am on my MEDs and they have knocked my inflammation and uric acid levels way down, I can walk again, abeit gingerly, the arc is better though, so I should be fine in another day or so.

Some people have pointed this out several times.

I now believe that having a massive field with people still jumping in is hurting focus on the democratic primary race from voters.

The DNC maybe should have tightened up entry races, for example, only polls from closed primary or caucus states count in the polling requirement, and each candidate in debates must raise $4 million dollars and have 200,000 unique donors. Something to quickly knock some people off the debate state and let the frontrunners debate.

I believe that all the complaining (untrue) about the DNC "fixing" the 2016 race lead DNC leaders to implement a format that would blunt that criticism, but which has led to crowded debates so far, with some people who shouldn't be there on stage.

Assuming the Nationals hold on and win.

Would this be the first World Serie where each team lost all of it's homestand games?

To those worried about Congresswoman Katie Hill's district.

The registration in the district in 2016 was 34.7% repugh, 34.6% Dem, ~ 25% Indy, the rest other parties.

In 2016, a repugh defeated the Dem for an assembly seat by around 5%. In 2018, the Dem won a rematch by around 5%. The district has trended blue in registration, it used to be strong republican.

The Democratic Assemblywoman who won the seat is a woman named Christy Smith. She will be running to replace Congresswoman Hill. Smith so far is the only Dem in the race, there are 2-3 repughs in the jungle primary race. So there is a good chance that Smith moves on to a general, where her chances should be good. Smith was a school board member for 8 years before moving on to the California assembly, she is pretty well known in the district. I looked at her bio, she seems to be pretty solid, sort of a political mother type who got into politics because of kids.

Last night we had a scarily violent thunderstorm.

It was vicious, several huge lightning strikes low. Tonight thunder is starting up and getting louder.

Maybe my memory is failing, but I am surprised to see such a thing in what is now essentially November.

I looked at the forecast through the middle of November and several thunderstorms are forecast, along with lots of rain.

Did I miss something and violent lightning is not uncommon for this time of year in Florida?

The Yankees are leaving a lot of runners on base.

Houston is winning by the long all, against the team with the second highest number of regular season home runs in history (if I remember what I read about that). Just goes to show, in the postseason, good pitching beats good hitting.
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