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NotASurfer's Journal
NotASurfer's Journal
September 30, 2017

This song goes out to Pumpkin Twitler

In the spirit of the lyrics, it's not political. We promise. Trust us.

September 14, 2017

3 possible reasons there's no link

(1) there is no newspaper, there are no letters

(2) OP has serious and valid safety concerns about divulging exactly which small city this is (although if the residents can read, and their thought cops monitor DU, they already know...)

(3) the editors of the paper believe computers are a tool of Satan and the internet was foretold in the Revelation, and since they're also the mayor/chief of police/Reverend/dogcatcher, there's not going to be a website for the Chamber of Commerce that mentions the local paper

I'm sure it could be something else. Regardless, good to see that a lot of DU demands better than Dan Rather's standard for vetting sources and verifying what you read.

September 10, 2017

Since "Sharknado" worked, how long until SciFi comes out with "Gatorcane?

Horribly inappropriate, too much hurricane coverage, need to take a break

September 4, 2017

Art to make a point: Trousers-down minister statue protest

A larger-than-life statue of New Zealand's environment minister, fashioned from horse dung, has been left outside council offices in Christchurch.

The work by artist Sam Mahon shows minister Nick Smith with his trousers round his ankles, genitals on display, defecating into a glass of water, the New Zealand Herald reports


Whaddya think? Does Scott Pruitt deserve the same treatment at EPA? Rick Perry, missing some parts (oops)? Cheetolini made from Cheetos, anatomically appropriate?

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