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My thoughts about Stephanie Grisham's book. (I'll Take Your Questions Now)

It was a quick easy read. For most of the book, she was devoted to Melania and couldn’t stand Jared and Ivanka. Mark Meadows also came off as a jerk. tRump came off as a weird ill-tempered fool who would also use flattery as a form of control. Personally, I think that she could have said a lot more but held back. I also don’t believe all of her protests of innocence when clashing with the “big bad bully” press.

Until the last chapter, she took, what I consider to be, a typical Republican approach and blamed everyone and everything but herself for any mistakes that were made. The ending somewhat mollified that, but her “Republicanness” did shine through.

All in all I enjoyed the read. The tRump chaos was definitely alarming, and it was interesting to get her perspective on how Melania handled it.
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