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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 3,363

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Bots and Trolls are out in massive force.

Twitter is absolutely insane. Jim Acosta posted on twitter that he's not the enemy of the people, and he just got railroaded by obviously fake accounts saying yes he is, he lies about Trump and spreads propaganda and the media must be stopped.

Scary how powerful social media is at spreading propaganda.

Florida suppressing voter registration.

Apparently the Florida voter registration site crashed yesterday preventing new people from signing up and the deadline is too. What a coincidence...

So disgusting how much Republicans cheat. Thousands of people won't be able to vote because of this. All states need same-day registration.

Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn actually bragging and

behaving like little brats on twitter. What pathetic, corrupt trash they are. It's infuriating.

Lindsey said "Not tired of winning yet!"

I can't live in this country anymore.

I hate it. It's a cesspool. It's broken. It's corrupt.

I wish I could leave, but I have no means to get into another country. It's all so freakin depressing.

Twice now, Republicans have gotten away with putting illegitimate justices

on the Court. In Kavanaugh's case, an actual criminal will be put on the court with zero consequences.

I'm so fed up with this country. What an absolute cesspool. Evil always wins here.

Flake is a yes.

What a horrible piece of trash. Call his office and ream him out. He's not beholden to any voters and he still does the wrong thing, always.
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