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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
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Can States sue and investigate McConnell?

So we found out today that McConnell is getting donations from Voting Machine lobbyists in exchange for him refusing to protect our election systems.

The DoJ will never investigate him, but seeing as elections are run by the States, why don't State AGs have standing to sue him? He's actively sabotaging State elections. They should have some power of that.

Impeachment is starting.




"Nadler: We’re Pursuing a De Facto Impeachment Inquiry"

Why is Congress going on a 5 week recess?

The country is burning to the ground, Democracy looks to be coming to an end, and Congress is taking a 5 week vacation?

The fix is in. Justice is dead in America.


Absolutely no one tied to Trump will face any consequences for their criminal conduct. This country needs a full blown revolution at this point.

Why is Hope Hicks not indicted?

The new released files on the Cohen case not only proves Trump was involved in illegal activity, but it massively implicates Hope Hicks with her even saying, "Keep praying! It's working!" in regard to the cover-up of the Stormy payments.

How is Cohen in prison, but Hicks is free?

Trump just posted a campaign video of last night's event.

Not going to link his twitter, but he just posted a campaign video they created using last night's event.

That's illegal. Between the RNC only giving out tickets to Trump supporters and using a taxpayer funded event to create a campaign video, him and the GOP have broken laws yet again.

And nothing will be done about it.

Press Sec and Trump bots

are spreading what look like fake photos of the event showing it completely full along the mall.

Yet it shows no rain, no umbrellas, no clouds, no ripples in the reflecting pool, and video/pictures taken not long before that show torrential downpours and nearly an empty national mall.

Trump just admitted on twitter he helped a war criminal

get away with murder.

The Eddie Gallagher (sp?) case. Trump said, "Glad I could help."

What did he do? More obstruction and abuse of power.

Hey Nancy Pelosi, care to start holding him accountable please?
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