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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 12:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,945

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Frau Birx exhibited displeasure that media was still talking about disinfectant.

Perhaps they should be talking about it's one person from China, It's totally under control, One day poof it will just blow away, it will all be gone in April, everyone who wants a test can get a test. How is she helping?

So all probabilities are that by Monday we will be at Viet Nam level.

Let that sink in. Nearly at 55,000 right now. Let every Trumper hear that loud and clear. C 20 the new Trump version is killing us.

Michigan still getting hammered. 189 new deaths

Fewer new cases but that is usually a false indicator on weekends. My little hotspot up to 14 deaths that's plus one. Cases still at 109. I think the protesting cry babies are in a distinct minority even here reasonable people exist.

There are greater minds on here than I. So if I'm wrong please tell me re C 19

As I was listening to a panel of Doctors this morning a couple things stood out. It wasn't what they said exactly more what they didn't say. I made some inferences. They said C 19 we are experiencing has exhibited great differences from other nations. Two examples were its ability to kill children and younger adults. The second thing was the clotting and strokes. My inference from this is because of delay in addressing it has mutated. Perhaps we are dealing with C 19 and C 20. Any thoughts appreciated.

Ok maybe it's just me but I think I'd trade a Space Force

for a good pandemic team right about now. Hell I'd even throw in a jack knife to boot.

I talk about my little Mi. county on here a lot. Now I'm not saying,

just saying. We had a contingent that protested last week at Capitol in Lansing. Sign guy was one of mine. Anyhow I have told you we were a hotspot. Yesterday 99 cases today 109. Also reported a bar and grill where our Toe Taggers hang out made 75 burger baskets for the frontline doctors nurses etc. We get news today one of the workers didn't feel well and has tested positive. Looks like sometimes even trying to do good turns out horribly.

What time is it boys and girls?

It's half past 25th amendment time Buffalo Bob.

Tranny still beating Libety in Michigan.

Gretchen Whitmer says stay at home order extended through May 15, Nursery centers and paint dept. may open in big box stores.

1 point 3 acres has us over 50,000 deaths and over 888,000 cases

World O Meters seems to be lagging a bit. God I hope that is the light switch moment we need to build a fire under people.

Updating an earlier post with Mi. Corona virus stats

I said my little slice of heaven had gained 1 case and no deaths. Mrs. Gibraltar just informed that local radio says since 10:00 AM 2 more cases now 99 and one more death. Now at 13 total
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