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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 12:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,943

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Did the first "normal" things in 30 days yesterday and today.

The rest of the world may stop but the grass doesn't. Mowed about half of the three acres I mow, yesterday. The other half today feels good getting some air and doing something that seems normal.

Not a lick of good news out of Michigan again today, plus 118 deaths

Local radio announced in my county's medical care facility our warehouse for used seniors. 10 cases including 3 staff. One more death there giving us a total of 4. Terrifying news is how many health care workers are positive. I fear it is all breaking down.

According to Worldometers Georgia just posted a big number of deaths. On the good news side

you can still go to the beach. According to bridge magazine Mi has a really bad problem with cases among health care workers now looks like over 2000.

I often post on here 1 at a time when people say we can't unTrump his backers.

here is a personal experience. I have an old dear friend who became the guy my uncle Bob told me about. Uncle Bob once told me the problem, is Unions have made it so good for people they started thinking they were Republicans. My friend who lives in Florida just north of the villages had become way too far right wing for my comfort. Several years ago he sent me a picture of him shaking hands with Huckabee at a book signing. I wrote and told him he sure had some questionable friends. Several months later I had a call from him on my answering machine. I told my wife I just don't know what to say to him I still love him but I just can't countenance some shit. He made a couple more calls which I also didn't return. After the last one my wife said you have to call him. I called and simply told him I've avoided calling you back, because I just didn't know what I was gonna say. I then said I just can't believe you'd turn against working people and support somebody that hates them. I would never unfriend him and I'd get right wing talking points etc. I always fired back with the truth. His brother has continued to follow me and often likes stuff I post.

lo and behold today I get a friend request from his wife on her personal account. I of course accept. Next thing I repost is the medical workers in PPEs with the don't fucking vote for Republican picture. Both she and my friends brother give it a like. like I've been saying don't give up we win one at a time.

A little closer to home. Mrs. Gibraltar informs Donnie Deaths latest victim in my county

umpired my sons little league games. I guess all I can says is You're Out.

Michigan numbers really suck today

As of 10:00 AM per bridge Magazine 17,221 cases 727 deaths that is plus 110. Bridge again has numbers before the big trackers. I fear for my state.

Michigans numbers still grim 15,718 cases 617 deaths

My little shithole Right wing county 44 cases now 3 dead. Still not enough tests to do a good job. About 1 in 4 positive.

Never thought i would say this, but I'm running out of words. Could someone from UK

or someone familiar with UK descriptive terms please post as many as you can. They seem to have more terms fitting our present situation regards Needy Amin.

Michigan numbers again grim 14,225 cases 540 deaths

per Bridge Magazine. Don't think trackers have this. Bridge has inside track usually knows before Mi official site has posted. Damn him all to hell

Does anyone know if a Pres. candidate ever announced their AG pick before VP?

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